10 reasons why you should prepare your child for Olympiad


Indian Talent Olympiad conducts Olympiads for students from class 1 to class 10 at both national and international levels. These Olympiads are conducted on multiple subjects like Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Art, Computer Science and English. They are conducted with the aim to develop skills like Logical Reasoning, Analytical thinking and Problem solving at a young age itself.


Let me list out the 10 reasons why - 

• The aim of Olympiads is to provide a unique competitive platform to identify the young geniuses and create a talent pool for the future.

• A rank in the Olympiad develops a sense of confidence among the students and their parents. This also helps parents identifying the talent of their child.

• Olympiads as conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad provide a huge platform where all the students from class 1 to class 10 can showcase their talent at International and National Level.

• Olympiads Prepare them for future competitive exams by testing student's aptitude as well as the knowledge of a particular subject.

• Students' performance in school academics is also improved as Olympiads sharpen their thinking and learning process which helps them to grasp the concepts taught in schools better.

• A good rank in the Olympiads develop a sense of confidence among students and their parents. This also helps parents recognize the flair of their child.

• Olympiads not only test the basic subjects; they also augment the logical reasoning ability in a child. It upturns the thinking capacity, problem-solving skills, confidence and hence; helps in an all overgrowth of a child at a young age.

• India does not perform well in the international Olympiads reason being student do not have much exposure. They have the talent but are not aware of the skills required to take up Olympiad exams. Hence, taking Olympiads at a young age can inculcate the habit of taking up challenges.

• The premise of Olympiad is to inspire children to think differently and critically. This in turn encourages children to apply the concept they learnt in classroom in real life. So, while in the school, children are taught the methods of solving geometrical sums, the Olympiad curriculum will teach children the real-life application of angles, lines and shapes for activities like decoration, weaving or developing a school project

• Children don't lack intelligence but the motivation to challenge themselves. Probably, enrolling in an Olympiad program can change all that. Since, Olympiad curriculum is highly analytical and interesting, your child is likely to develop internet in Science and Math. Also, competing on such a platform will motivate students to strive for the better. Moreover, studying for Olympiad will encourage logical thinking and will drive your child towards the right career path in the future.