7 Strategies To Support Students And Help Them Learn During This Lockdown

By Tushar On May 23, 2020


A school teaches us about the world and makes us prepare with the accessories that we need to be successful in the future. Today’s children are the future of tomorrow and schools are the only shapers where each and every child is molded for the betterment of their future. A school teaches the basic skills that are essential in day to day life. It helps to develop the ability of reading and writing. It enhances the problem solving skills and cognitive skills and gets a chance to multiply and recognize their talent. Education facilitates the learning quality. It is the process to bring out the values, skills and moral habits in students. Educations pave the way towards success.

Various sectors are affected due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Sectors including oil and gas, automobiles, aviation, agriculture, retail, etc. are affected. The education sectors are the last to get reopened. Let us find how COVID-19 has hit the educational sectors.


The educational sectors in India are undoubtedly disrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The lockdown in India came into effect from March 25, 2020. The Government of India has closed the schools and colleges temporarily as a measure to stop the spread of the virus. There is no such surety of when will the schools get reopened. As per the latest updates, India has entered the fourth phase of lockdown which is extended till May 31st, 2020. All the educational sectors are closed and due to which the entrance tests, board exams and competitive exams are on hold during this period.


Educational institutes are now revolving around the online classes and e-learning which helps to bridge the gap created due to the lockdown. Organizations conducting Olympiad exam are now stepping towards in proposing online tests and exams. It helps to provide uninterrupted learning process. With this students tend to change their at-home activities and develop a habit of taking online classes. These organizations focus on constructing knowledge through Olympiad.

Let us have a glance on the strategies that can be followed to keep students stay connected with studies.


Set Up Goals

Defining goals to measure progress helps in creating a schedule for achieving study goals. Know short-term and long-term goals for studying. Planning how to achieve goals lends a great push and helps in stimulate learning. Topics that are to be cleared should be considered as first priority. Working on different topics each day contributes in multiplying the knowledge.

Set Up Routine For Studies

Scheduling a proper routine for studies is very essential. Scheduling studies becomes easy when the goal is set. Creating a timetable and following it thoroughly brings out the best results at the end.

Attend Video Lectures

There are number of educational platforms that let students get access to the video lectures. It helps students to learn from anywhere at any time. It is a modern method of learning which develops interest in students. Students enjoy watching videos lectures rather than learning from books and ensures the interest of the student. Better understanding of concepts is likely to develop.

Practice Mock Tests

Mock tests are made available for students. It helps students to test their knowledge and make learning strong. These online tests motivate students to study during the lockdown by awarding them with exciting prizes upon best performance.

Rehearse With Previous Year Question Papers

Previous year sample papers give a rough idea to the student about the exam pattern. It helps to manage the time required in solving the problems efficiently. Practicing thoroughly makes them perform well in the competitive exams as well in their academics.

Improve Performance By Practicing From Olympiad E-Books / Workbooks

Olympiad e-books/workbooks benefit a lot in preparing for any competitive exams. These books follow the regular school board syllabus. They are designed in such a way that a student gets learn and understand the content and the concept in an easy way. Students need to shake hands with these books to build up the blocks towards great academic achievements.

Taking Notes And Practicing Regularly           

As we all know, “Practice makes perfect”. Taking notes improves focus and attention to details and promotes active learning. Practicing on regular bases will keep students progressing towards their goals. It helps to overcome the obstacle that comes in the learning processes.

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