7 things to do to stay well while preparing for the Olympiad Exam

By Tushar On October 10, 2020 In olympiad exams

What are Olympiad Exams?

Olympiad exam are conducted at school level to identify and bring together talented students from schools across the country to imbibe and inculcate various skills in subjects like Science, Mathematics, English, General Knowledge, Computer and more. The objective of holding these exams is to provide the basic foundation as a platform to discover the hidden skills and talents of students to guide them in finding better career prospects and prepare them of all the future competitions and challenges at larger level that they will be introduced to at intermittent stages of life.


Why Students Should Opt to Appear for Olympiad?

Olympiad exams are held at various levels to analyse the abilities of the students at different grades. They register from different schools at state, national and international level and compete with each other in various Olympiads like International Science Olympiad (ISO), International Maths Olympiad (IMO), English International Olympiad (EIO) and more. Questions asked in Olympiad are more conceptual based than theory based hence appearing for these exams helps students to grow as their mind in more analytical and logical manner.


What are the 7 most important things to do to stay well while you are preparing for Olympiad exam?

It is extremely important for students to not become over-anxious and stressed out as they prepare for the Olympiad exam. You need to remain balanced and focused both mentally and physically to keep your schedule and preparation in place and not deviate from your goals. Read on to find the list of essential steps to follow for every student who is preparing for Olympiad exam:

  1. Develop Time-Table Habit: The first and foremost thing to do is to learn and grow a habit of keeping and maintaining a time-table. Children especially the younger ones are not accustomed to sitting in one place for a long time hence they need to be programmed in way that they do not get diverted to multiple things and can hold their interest for a long time. Hence, it is extremely important to prepare a proper time-table to enable the students to build the habit of sitting for longer during studies and examinations.
  2. Avoid Taking Study Load: Although it is essential to follow time-table, it is also important to avoid taking excessive load of studies. Olympiad exam needs dedicated preparation and concentration but you should never take pressure or load to avoid stress. Instead they should be taught all concepts in an interesting manner through day-to-day experiences.
  3. Engage in Interesting Learning Activities: More than theoretical book knowledge, children can relate more with fun learning concepts especially with tough subjects like Science and Mathematics. Even though you can learn the concepts verbally, you should engage in practical application of these concepts so that you can relate to them in a better manner and score well in the Olympiad exams.
  4. Get Adequate Rest & Relaxation: One of the very crucial steps during the preparation of Olympiad exam is to get sufficient amount of sleep and relax. Sitting and studying for long hours together might take a toll on your health including body and mind. It Is good to intermittent breaks in between to unwind and do some activities that you like the most as a recreation. Also, early to bed, early to rise is definitely one thing students should adopt to ensure full level of concentration on exam days. Lack of sleep will tend to have negative impact on your overall performance.
  5. Learn to be Organised: This one is not just for during or before the exam preparation but a habit that must be imbibed and followed throughout the year by all students of all classes. You should learn to be well-organised and keep your study materials, stationaries and all related stuff in place so that you never have to rush or panic for searching or sorting them. Also check the guidelines given examination centre and strictly abide by the same. Practicing this also ensures that you do not have any diversions.
  6. Follow a Healthy & Balanced Diet: It is a must to maintain a proper healthy and balanced diet that is completely filled with nutrition in each portion. Understand what food suits you and what does not as you cannot afford to fall sick at such crucial times. So, stay away from any kind of junk or unhealthy meals and ensure whatever you eat provides you with loads of energy to push through the rigorous schedule of last-minute revisions and three hours at the examination hall.
  7. Keep a Habit of Alarm: Inculcate a habit to keep and run your schedule by setting up an alarm. It will help you to get some extra time at hand which you can use for some extra reading or preparation or for some other activities that you like to do. It is tough for students especially younger ones to set up alarm and get up all by themselves on time so in the initial days take some help from your parents or perhaps elder siblings at home.


Following the above important tips can help the students being well-prepared is always recommended to stay calm and composed during the period of preparation of your Olympiad examAnd most importantly it helps you to remain confident from the start you register for the Olympiad till the time you finish appearing for your examination and score well. A great amount of studies and preparation is required to ace these competitive exams. Although it is bit easier for the higher-grade students to effectively prepare for Olympiad exams, it might be difficult for the primary students to do organised preparation. Hence it is advisable to follow these important steps in order to stay well and healthy for performing well at the Olympiads.