8 effective tips to help one crack the General Knowledge Olympiad

General Knowledge spans a huge range of subjects and topics, from old to the current times, it holds the value it does for it helps one keep a track of the world they live in, it also helps one realize as to how fast the world we live in, changes. It ranges from activities and events around the world to those surrounding us on a regular basis. From the simplest of occurrences to the biggest of events. General Knowledge as a subject is much valued because, it is an integral part of various competitive exams and, has multiple roles in regular academics, affecting an individual's overall education, besides adding to their intellect. 

The General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO) aims to test the awareness of a student, pertaining to a variety of topics thereby helping their overall development, here are eight tips that can help you crack the General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO):

1.    Building up of habits: Habits of regular studying, time-bound approach, practice and revision hold great importance when it comes to performing well in any and all exams.

•    General Knowledge tests demand one to be aware and informed, this can be done by keeping in touch with news outlets via television, the internet or newspapers, which greatly help one broaden their scope of learning and can be a useful habit to inculcate.


2.    Practice and revision: Practice and revision help one to keep in touch with what they learn through their efforts and retain it for a longer period of time.

•    Workbooks, previous year question papers, model test papers, online assignments all serve as great resources to aid both, revision and practice.

•    It improves and helps shape one intellectual skills, skills of analysis, reasoning, comprehension, execution and more.

•    Students learn the importance of time management and therefore get to improve on this skill.

•    Regular practice and self-assessment help improve accuracy, thereby improving one's overall performance in the exam.

•    It helps consolidate one's basic understanding and helps them gain a better hold upon their subject.

•    These also greatly benefit regular academics.


3.    Make a schedule: Having a specific schedule helps reduce workload and manage time effectively to gain productive results.

•    It prevents one from overworking and being overwhelmed when done properly.

•    It allows students to pace themselves and adds to the longevity.

•    Time management is an integral factor when it comes to competitive exams and a skill that needs to be worked on.


4.    Make use of resources: ITO provides students with both physical and virtual resources to prepare for the exams, which should be utilized to the fullest for one to perform well in the examination. 

•    Apart from these a plethora of free online resources are available on the internet, for one to seek aid from, one can make use of these too.

•    Students are also advised to prepare separate notes to help further quick revision, flash notes/cards have proven to be quite beneficial in this case.


5.    Knowing the syllabus: The syllabus for the Olympiads held by the Indian Talent Olympiads happen to be similar to a student's academic syllabus based on their level of education irrespective of their educational boards, to benefit their learning.

•    One is therefore advised to complete the full syllabus when appearing for the test.

•    Additional details along with the syllabus itself can be easily availed by one at the official website of the Indian Talent Olympiads, for cross-checking.

•    One can prepare strategies for the exam based upon parts they are more informed about, post knowing the paper's details.


6.    Knowing the exam pattern: Being informed about the paper pattern marks distribution and question types help one figure out a basic strategy for exam preparation.

•    It makes it easy for one to distribute their efforts to gain more productivity.

•    Being aware from the beginning helps one reduce the last-minute rush.


7.    Self-assessment: Post completion of the assigned syllabus for the exam, one is advised to test themselves via resources provided, and those available online to get a better idea of where they stand and parts they might have to improve.


8.    Take a break: Having a short break between two sessions of studies helps one better retain the information learnt, besides providing one an opportunity to relax.

•    Taking breaks, having an organized approach with a proper focus and providing oneself time to understand greatly helps to improve their performance.


These were the eight basic tips aimed to help you crack the General Knowledge International Olympiad.
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