9th Class Maths Olympiad Study Material


Mathematics is a branch of science that deals with numbers. Usually, we learn the nature by observing it closely. Mathematics is the language of nature as it helps us to understand how things work. We can analyse, predict and solve problems with the help of mathematics knowledge. Book for Class 9 Maths Olympiad covers all basic mathematical concepts, logical reasoning sections so that students can improve on their reasoning ability skills. Ample time is given to answer all questions. Mathematical concepts must be solid before a student can attempt such exams. 

International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) for class 9 is a great book for students who wish to take part in Math Olympiads. Students of Class 9 are encouraged to explore this list of books so that they can improve their performance in exams. It is always advisable to start early and persist until your child has learned all the concepts needed to score well in exams.


Maths Olympiad Books

Are you a competitive student, preparing for the Math Olympiad competition? Have you been looking for some good books to brush up on your mathematical skills? Here’s the solution. ITO provides books written by experienced experts in their respective fields designed to provide excellent coaching support to students preparing for competitive examinations. The books covered in this set contain comprehensive chapter-wise solutions to Exemplar Problems, along with elaborate solutions to various types of questions found in Math Olympiad exams.

Math Olympiad is one of the most challenging subjects for students. Many students find Mathematics a difficult subject and are unable to cope. To make things worse, school-level Mathematics books don’t provide questions or examples from current Olympiad exams. Olympiad exam questions are different from what you see in school. We have been helping students and their parents to get through the complex world of Olympiad books, problems, and tough concepts for several years. Now we are publishing our own Olympiad book which is completely exam-oriented and error-free.


IMO Previous Year Question Paper

Here are the IMO Sample Papers for Class 9 containing question papers and previous year's question paper with answer key. It is an extensive collection of almost all questions that have appeared till now in the Indian Math Olympiad. Students may refer to this section to get familiar with exam patterns and the type of questions asked in the Math Olympiad Exam. It helps them to create strategies and a smart plan while they prepare for this exam. With more practice, students not only have a better understanding of basic concepts but are also able to recognize patterns in abstract ideas quickly. Sticking to your regular school studies as well as practicing solved question papers can be beneficial for the students.


Monthly Olympiads

Class 9 maths is one of the toughest classes to go through at school and you need to dedicate your time as well as hard work in studying math in this particular class. Learning at this most important stage of secondary education will help develop a strong foundation that can lead students to a bright future. This is why ITO provides monthly Olympiads! The monthly Olympiads are online tests that have chapter-wise questions to solve. You can attempt them sitting at home. It is a great way to master individual topics, sections, and sub ¬sections that are a part of your school syllabus.

There are several benefits to these tests. The power pack exams are conducted in more than one subject. Those who opt for the power pack can attempt monthly Olympiads in Science, Maths, English, GK, Essay, and Drawing.

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