The Maths Olympiad: Ace Class 7 IMO With Us

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The world of Olympiads has always been considered “out there”. It was a place that many were scared to venture into. Everyone would tell you how boring and tiresome it is, how it did not test your smartness, and that if you want to excel in academics, Olympiads are the least you could do. What they said was true—it was not exciting at all. But things have changed now. Olympiads are growing in popularity and students are becoming more and more aware of their importance.

At ITO, we have our series of Maths Annual Olympiads for class 7 students, who are eligible to take these tests from Monday 10 am- 6 pm every week. Students can choose from power packs, consisting of Maths, Science, English, GK, & Essay.

Indian Talent Olympiad’s international Maths Olympiad for Class 7 is one such exam that tests the reasoning ability of the students. The thoroughly updated and revised IMO Class 7 book is conceptualised and designed by the Indian Talent Olympiad, which is a well-known name for all Olympiad exams. The book provides complete coverage on different topics of different boards. It has several practice questions that allow students to practice at home. 


Maths Olympiad Books

There are a ton of books out there about the math Olympiad. But this little book by ITO is a keeper. Unlike the bigger books that only include many questions, this is a book with precise information. It's a class 7 book that has all-important questions of the chapters and is placed together in one place. 

Topics are segregated as per the level of class. It gives you an exam-like environment and self-analysis metre to check your performance. Answer key, hints, and explanations are given at the end of every chapter. Mathematics Olympiad Books for Students is given here to help students improve their skills and prepare for competitions.


IMO Previous Year Question Paper

If you are a student participating in the Indian Talent Olympiad, then it’s a golden opportunity to improve your preparation. By practising the previous year's question paper sets, students get an idea of the type of questions asked in actual exams and make them understand how to solve those questions. Moreover, practice improves speed. Hence, each question should be answered in less than 2 minutes. 

This helps you complete at least 25 questions in 10 minutes and hence helps you build speed. Sample papers also assist students in quickly framing the answers. The correct answer is shown along with an incorrect answer for every question and hence helps you identify mistakes and rectify errors.  Students should practice these sets as much as possible so that they can learn to solve examination-like questions without spending hours solving each question separately.


Monthly Olympiads

The monthly Maths Olympiads are online tests where students of Class 7 can participate and practice for their upcoming school exams. If a student scores well in these tests, then they tend to prepare better, and this may improve their scores further. These tests are useful, as they teach students more than just one subject. Students can grab an online supply of Olympiads material which is available at a nominal price. These materials are so designed that a student can understand the concept of Maths easily.

Thus by giving practice tests, it is easy for them to appear for the upcoming exams. It is every parent’s dream to see their child succeed in life. One of the most important elements of success is having a sound academic record. The student who does consistently well in school has an edge over others who record low grades. By allowing students to participate in practice tests before taking the official exam, you encourage them to do well and ensure that your efforts bear fruit.

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