Advanced guide for Indian Talent Olympiad preparation

Adavanced Guide For Preparation Of Olympiad Exams

The Olympiad exams are quite a sought after practice these days, all thanks to the benefits they have to offer the budding young minds. The exposure, the platform, the feedback greatly help one improve and be a better version of themselves.

The Indian Talent Olympiads have become one of the best Olympiad organizing bodies across the nation. Having worked for over eight years, with over 36000 schools and millions of children across the nation, the organization uses its experience to facilitate their approach towards the students and add to their experience of learning in a way such that they carry on with it for the longer times, ITO greatly caters to the diversity of interest by offering eight different Olympiads for the interested students to choose from, namely:

International Science Olympiad (ISO)

International Maths Olympiad (IMO)

English International Olympiad (EIO)

General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO)

International Computer Olympiad (ICO)

International Drawing Olympiad (IDO)

National Essay Olympiad (NESO)

National Social Studies Olympiad (NSSO)

The Olympiads have gained a reputation for being amongst the toughest examinations to crack, but one needs to know that there are a few ways that help greatly to simplify things and prepare a lucid and organized approach to crack the exam and score a meritorious rank. Here are some things you need to know about the Olympiads held by the Indian Talent Olympiads when you choose to participate in the exam and prepare for the test.

1.    Get the exams updates and know how- ITO allows students to receive emails as well as texts to help them keep up to date with the progress of things, the information is also made available on the official website, so one can choose any of the ways to keep themselves at par and informed regarding things.


2.    Know the syllabus well- The Olympiads held by ITO have the syllabus put together by experts and professionals who belong to the field, hence these always corresponds to the student’s academic grade and hence one irrespective of their academic board can participate in the test. The syllabus is also made available on the official website of ITO for the students to be able to cross-check and be better informed about the topics they need to prepare.


3.    Know the question pattern and marks distribution- A detailed overview of the question pattern and marks distribution can be found on the official website of ITO to help the students better prepare for the Olympiad exams.


4.    Make use of available resources– ITO highly suggests the participating students keep up with preparation and hence has put together a wide range of practical, lucid, informative and useful educational resources for them to avail and make the best use of. The said resources include:

a.    Workbooks

b.    Mock tests

c.    Online video classes

d.    Test series

e.    Scoreboards

f.    Previous year question paper compilations

g.    Model test papers, and more. 

These resources too have been prepared under the guidance of professional and education experts related to their respective fields, to maximize the learning impact upon the students.

5.    Focus upon understanding things better- The Olympiads are prepared keeping in mind the aim to test a student’s understanding of the subject and their depth of learning hence preparing for the test with a proper understanding is quite essential for one to score well in the test.


6.    Prepare and follow a basic routine- Having a routine can be quite a beneficial habit, it helps one manage time better, helps arrange work to obtain productivity, helps pace one’s progress and prevents one from being tired, overwhelmed or bored.


7.    Prepare an exam strategy- This can be greatly helpful when practiced from the start, since it allows one to adapt themselves to the test and the associated style, practicing which adds to one’s speed and accuracy over due course of time.


8.    Keep resources handy and use it- The books and papers are of no use if one is unable to access them in times of need, hence many of ITO’s resources are available online and can be accessed via any digital device, hence having these handy allows one to ease in to process.


9.    Keep up with revision and practice- These hold an essential significance and aid one in improving their performance, it is advised that one make use of resources and make notes, flashcards and quizzes, besides the video classes to help remember important information as per requirement.


10.    Seek available aid- ITO cares for the students that participate and sometimes people happen to be quite unaware of how to proceed after having enrolled for the test, one can then head to the blog on the official website itself to gain many tips, tricks and required know-how, which helps sort one's ideas and manage things better.


11.    Keep up with self-assessment- Tough as it might seem it allows one to develop their exam strategy and better manage one’s routine to keep it relevant useful and effective, suiting the individual’s needs.


12.    Prioritize health and rest- However pressing concerns might seem one’s topmost priority should always be their health therefore, students are encouraged to take frequent breaks between study, add recreational time to their routine and manage their activities in a way such that things don’t wear them out. 

The internet happens to be quite a useful space for people who use it well, hence ITO adds and extends it resources availing opportunities to those even in the farther regions of the nation. The above mentioned points happen to be amongst the advanced know-hows for one when participating in an Olympiad by ITO.

The registrations for the same are still open, the dates are as follows:

For schools- 30th October 2021

For individual students- 30th November 2021

Visit the official website to further inform yourself about many other exciting things as the merit related rewards and options for the Olympiads to best suit student’s requirements.

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