Are You All Set For Your Olympiad exams?

Preparing for the Olympiads require much hard work but, despite putting in much effort one is not always able to guess if it is enough or if one is working in the right way. The exams tend to be highly competitive and in turn equally rewarding. The hard work, practice, time invested and dedication often pays off well in the form of many benefits that students gain. However daunting it might seem preparation for the exams and appearing for them is a process that one can get themselves versed with in order to excel in the long run, hence the Indian Talent Olympiad has compiled some study tips to aid the students, these are aimed to guide one and help them cope up with syllabus covering and completion, regular academic development and maintenance of a balance between the studies so that one can learn to manage and make use of their time in an effective and productive way.

Here are the said steps to help one see if they are prepared for the Olympiad exams:


1)Do you have a schedule?  Students are advised to have a proper schedule since it helps them balance the workload and helps them focus on things, thus following a schedule makes one’s tasks easier.


2)Have you completed the syllabus? - One should also ensure that they are aware of the syllabus pertaining to the exam thoroughly before appearing for it. Covering the exam and completing all topics, greatly improve one's performance and revision thereon adds to the student’s confidence benefitting them. The syllabus can be found on the official website of ITO students can look up the Olympiad they choose to appear for, in order to be sure of associated workload and to keep a track of its progress.


3)Have you used study material to prepare for the test?- ITO has introduced workbooks, and multiple question paper compilations besides mock tests and other things that are associated with the Olympiad syllabus aimed to aid students, save their time and effort all the while helping them learn in the process of things. All of these educational resources are available on the official website, for the students to easily access and benefit from.


4)Do you give yourself short breaks during study time?- Taking short breaks between study schedules allows one to relax and it has been noted to help students retain information better and longer.


5)Revision- A habit of regular revision of related topics, aids in the proper retention of information for a longer period.


6)Make notes- Making notes help students put their ideas and understanding together and further help in quick revision besides letting one focus on the important points. Writing yet again help the students remember better and recall things easily.


7)Make flash notes, revise with a friend- Flash notes help students in quick quizzes that aid in building up confidence and serve as quick revision.


8)Take mock tests online- A variety of tests pertaining to a variety of topics all suited for different subjects can be availed on the internet to check the progress of the students.


9)Solving previous years question papers and mock test papers/ sample papers- It is a good habit to develop, for these help one to evaluate their progress and serves them with an opportunity to work over their weak spots and provide them exposure to a variety of questions.


10)Do you know the paper pattern?- Knowledge of the paper pattern helps one to perform better for one is then better equipped to deal with the question variety and can prepare a strategy to improve the score.


11)Do you have a strategy? -Students are advised to devise an exam strategy to solve the paper, depending upon their strengths and knowledge this adds to their chance of an improved score in the exam.


12)Believe in your effort and hard Work-Ample rest with a calm mind and confident demeanor can do wonders, hence one is advised to trust their effort and gut to breeze through the exam.


The above-mentioned points can help you determine if you are ready for the test. To ensure that you are on the right track, here are a few facts associated with ITO: 


· The Indian Talent Olympiad has been organizing Olympiads for eight-plus years.

· ITO has experience of having worked with more than 33,175 schools and catered to millions of students across the country.

· The Olympiads by ITO is conducted in both online as well as offline modes.

· It has hence, reasonably become one of the nation’s best organizers of Olympiads.

· ITO is well versed with the processes and working involved in carrying out the exam, as a result of which it diligently continues to function in these difficult times.

· ITO aims to make the learning experience helpful and practical for the students.

· ITO also adapts to changes to serve the students with quality educational content, and to cater to their diverse interests.

· The information related to the Olympiads can be availed at the official website itself



 The registrations to the tests are now open and, the last dates of registrations are:


· Last date of registration from schools- 30th September 2021

· Last date of registration by individual students- 15th November 2021


Our best wishes and warmest of regards, we look forward to your participation.


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