Awards and Cash Prizes for Olympiad Exams

Olympiads are exams that are conducted throughout the country. With the conduction of exam at such a large scale, it is obvious that the number of participants will be in millions. Students work hard day in and day out to stand out in these examinations. It becomes important for the organization to honor students with awards and prizes that excel at the examinations.

When students are awarded for doing good, they get a sense of satisfaction. Participating at exams like Olympiads is a reward in itself. Indian Talent Olympiad ensures to recognize the hard work all the participants put in to do well in these exams. The winners are categorized into various aspects. Special reward is given to those who do exceptionally well to highlight their top score.

Awards and scholarships are given to the students based on their ranks.

• Cash Prize of INR 1,00,000 is given to the first 8 students that achieve the top score.

• Cash Prize of INR 40,000 is given to 10 students that stand second at these examinations.

• 10 students ranked subsequent to the second prize winners at the national level are provided with laptops.

• 100 students ranked subsequent to the third prize winners at the national level are provided with Tablets.

• All the students are provided with a participation certificate.

• Medals and certificates are provided to all the school and state level winners.

The certificates provided by the ITO help students in their academic profile building. These certificates hold an immense importance while the student is opting for a university of his choice. Indian Talent Olympiad also announces weekly winners and rewards for all the participants of the online Olympiads. When students are rewarded for their performance, it encourages them to work harder and perform

Indian Talent Olympiad thrives for one vision – Making today’s students better citizens of tomorrow. Winners aren't made in a day. It takes months of practice, dedication and a lot of perseverance to accomplish one’s goal. It requires a lot of zeal and enthusiasm throughout the preparation process to be able to achieve the top score. Being consistent is the only way to acquire the top spot.