Benefits of Olympiad exams

By Tushar On December 29, 2019

Olympiad Exams are conducted each year in different schools across the country. The motive of such exams are to expose students to national as well as international competition. Indian Talent Olympiad is one of the big Olympiad Organization which conduct various Olympiad exams. There are important benefits of Olympiad exams in student education and learning point of view. Students can participate and appear for exams in different subjects such as Science, Mathematics, English, Computer, Art, and so on . Olympiad exams are conducted by leading academicians and professionals with years of experience in their respective fields. Such exams promote additional learning using innovative activities and techniques. All exams at Olympiad levels aim to make learning interesting and fun loving. It tests student’s aptitude as well as love for the subject.

International Science Olympiad Exams (ISO) are mainly for those students who want to assess their scientific aptitude and apply the same in their academic performances. This exam takes place in different levels and is open to all school students. All those who qualify the first level successfully are eligible to participate in other levels too. There are several organizations that conduct such exams. These organizations have tie-ups with various schools in the vicinity. One such organization is Indian Talent Olympiad that enhances academic performance of students. Students studying from class I to class X are eligible to appear for this exam and the duration is 65 minutes. Classes I to IV have 35 questions with a total of 50 marks and class V to X have 50 questions with a total of 50 marks. The question paper is divided into two sections, the first being understanding science fundamentals and the second on logical reasoning, problem solving and analytical skills, thus including different sections of the subject. 

International Maths Olympiad (IMO) are also very popular in most of the schools. Parents often believe there child to be skeptical about Mathematics as a subject. However, taking such exams and qualifying the same with flying colours make students motivated. Thus, more and more parents must encourage their children to participate actively in this exam. Similar to the Science Olympiad Exam, this exam too is open for students from 1st standard to 10th standard. The paper is divided into three sections namely, Everyday Mathematics, Mathematical Reasoning, and Logical Reasoning. It develops love for the subject and makes it more interesting. 

Each school may select a date from the calendar year and get in touch with any of the Olympiad centres. The syllabus and exam topics are in accordance with the school syllabus. Students appearing for Mathematics and Science can be anywhere between 1st to 12th standard. The questions and topics have been inspired by the CBSE and ICSE. 

Olympiad exams signifies excellence in education. It not only ensures knowledge clarity but also boosts the morale of young minds. It makes students confident about the subject and helps them fare really well in academics. Indian Talent Olympiad also provides National Scholarship aimed to provide educational benefits to the deserving candidates. Such exams have won many hearts because of its exam pattern and advantages associated. Each and every student deserves to be a part of such Olympiads.

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