Benefits of the Monthly Olympiad by Indian Talent Olympiad

Many guardians think that preparing their children for Olympiad isn’t worth the time and burdens them with more to study. But that isn’t the case if the parents provide their children with accurate material for practice. That’s why we want to support the talent of children in India and went to an extent. Indian Talented Olympiad has introduced the Monthly Olympiad which takes place every month. These Monthly Olympiad tests are for the preparations of the annual Olympiad. It helps the students to be well-prepared for the annual Olympiad and clear the exams easily.


Familiarize with the Annual Olympiads

The monthly Olympiads are designed like the annual Olympiad exams. It has the same pattern, syllabus, and difficulty level. This helps the student to get an idea of how the annual exams will look like. They are also conducted in a familiar way; only the time is less, with only 30 questions. But they are scheduled every month so that the student will get more clarity with every test.


Enables to Analyze the Preparations

The monthly Olympiads are going to ensure the students how much they have prepared for the annual exams. After completing the test, ask the children to remember which topic or question they spent more time on and what was difficult for them. This will help the children to focus on those topics and get better at them before the annuals. It will make them realize how to manage time in annuals and where not to waste time in the annuals.


Revision of the Syllabus

When the students start preparing for annuals early, they might forget the early chapters due to a lack of revision. Only some students have the talent to remember everything they have studied. The monthly tests are designed to resolve this issue among the students. The questions in the monthly tests are asked from across the syllabus, which will help them remember what they read early. It will also make them study the early chapters before every mock test, making them memorize it. With monthly tests, they will be able to study and remember all chapters till the annual Olympiads.


Increase their Confidence

The monthly Olympiads are a duplicate of the annual exams; it gives a similar environment as the annuals. The more monthly tests they appear for, the more it will help them be confident about their performance. They would analyze their strengths and weaknesses with the monthly tests, making them feel less nervous about the annual Olympiads. Attempting monthly tests will strengthen their knowledge about the topics, making them well-prepared and confident for the final day.



Students in India are burdened with a lot to study, and it worries the parent to load them with another competitive exam. To ensure that the talent of many exceptional students doesn’t go to waste, monthly Olympiads were created. Many students in India don’t get the opportunity to study more, so we have created this opportunity to fulfill their wishes and reach out to more students sooner.
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