By Tushar On June 6, 2020

  • Role of Math in Day to Day Life

In our day to day life activities we experience Math in everything. Each and every activity we perform has Math in it. Math teaches us to differentiate between things. Math is the base of learning as it makes us develop the skill that involves calculations, problem solving, differentiating, computing, etc. Everyone should know the basic Math of counting, subtracting, addition, division and multiplication. Counting age, money, scores, measuring weight, time, quantity, identifying date, etc.; Math is a common element. We make calculation in the back of our mind. Math is not limited to equations and numbers but it has a vast scope.

  • Why It Is Necessary For A Child To Learn Math?

Math helps students to develop problem solving skills and teaches them how to use and understand shapes. Math makes us learn the value of time. A child learns to make choices, compare things with respect of quantity, measure, number. When students come across various aspects of Math they indirectly create the base for their future careers – whether it is Architecture, Engineering, Health Services, Science, Arts, Banking & Finance, Information Technology, etc. Many students think that Math is the hardest subject. For students who think that they cannot master in Math can try out different way to learn Math. International Maths Olympiad (IMO) is the Olympiad that is conducted to encourage students to develop interest in Math. Let’s scroll down to see how Math Olympiad proves to be the best pick to excel in Mathematics.

  • Why Math Olympiad?

Math Olympiad allows students to focus on various different questions. As this exam follows the regular school board syllabus, it becomes more beneficial for a child to improve their scores in their academics. When it comes to learn Math, many of the students seem to get confused and lose the interest in it. But International Maths Olympiad (IMO) has made Math easy to understand with its easy and innovative study content. The fact that the student need to spend more time on practicing the areas where he / she lacks in remains unchanged in order to enhance their score in academics. Math Olympiad helps to test students’ knowledge in the subject. Fear of Math subject is removed and problem solving skill is enhanced and an impression of motivation is sustained which encourages them to promote their knowledge which further lead them towards success.

  • What Is The Best Way To Prepare For Math Olympiad?
  • Understand the concept

Before attempting one should make the concept clear in his / her mind. Students should check the pattern of the exam, and by understanding the level of difficulty must look at the areas they lack in. Make the doubts clear at the very first stage.

  • Practice, practice and more practice

We allhave come across the proverb “Success comes after repeated efforts”. It says that success is the sum of all the small efforts we make in day to day life to achieve certain goals. May what you do, you need practice everywhere. For exceling and mastering any skill you need to practice a lot to achieve the set goal. The one who practices thoroughly turns out to be outstanding in their academics as well as in professional life.

  • Solve previous year sample papers

Previous year question papers prove to be a relevant pick for the preparation of Olympiad exams. Appearing for such exams without knowing the pattern of the exam and nature of questions is not a good choice. To have fair idea of the paper one must refer previous year question papers and solve the questions thoroughly. By solving old question papers, students are fed with the ideas of the pattern the questions are framed in which gives them the confidence to appear fearlessly for the examination.

  • Refer Olympiad Books

A student does not need to join any extra classes to prepare for Olympiads. He / she can prepare by just solving the questions from the Olympiad books. These books contains logical and explanatory answers to the respective questions. The language of these books is very easy to understand as they are designed under the supervision of the experts in the subject. A reader friendly series is introduced to the children so that they can learn and understand the concept by themselves. Apart from this, students get to analyze their knowledge and rectify their problems more effectively.