Class 6 GK Olympiad Preparation Kit 2021- 2022

General Knowledge Class 6 Olympiad exams cover major topics about the latest happenings around the world. The complete content in the books and study material is written according to the current and updated information. Olympiad exams are designed to give students an idea about international affairs, major current happenings worldwide, and other things that may not be covered in the school curriculum. This exam helps students to learn the basics of everything surrounding them. There are many exercises in the workbook that cover all the topics. Every exercise has a different set of questions and correct answers with a simple understanding for them. Students can grasp concepts very quickly as we have given equal attention to all the subjects. Students can enhance their learning by solving these problems. Besides regular subjects such as Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and English, ITO also conducts GK Class 6 Olympiad exams. They can handle difficulties in a more reliable manner.

Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO) has added a GK workbook and study material for Class 6 students. This study kit helps students to practice hard so that they can give their exams fast and efficiently. The more information they possess, the more likely they are to perform well in competitive tests. The material in the workbook is simple and easy to understand. It's been produced by the finest experts from various fields. Olympiads also help students in practicing thoroughly for regular school exams. Taking olympiads is important as these exams focus on improving memory and broadening the students' knowledge base. So if your child wants to prepare for any big exam in the future, this will help them score well.  

ITO conducts annual GK olympiads for class 6 in both online and offline mode. The offline exam is conducted in the respective schools of the participants in a regular exam system. These exams get invigilated by their teachers, and the question paper is in an MCQ format. Similarly, students who have applied individually will have to give their exams in an online mode. If you have applied through your school, then the exams will take place according to the schedule of your respective school administration.

Students who have participated individually can take the online exam from anywhere on the scheduled date. They just need a proper wifi connection and device such as Laptop, mobile or computer to give these exams. Students will have to provide the exam in a fixed time by the school authorities and the website system for online participants. Olympiad exams need a lot of practice to score well in exams. Registration at ITO helps your students compete at national and international levels with many young talented children. 
Registration for Olympiad 2021- 22 is now open on the website.


Indian Talent Olympiad also conducts monthly examinations separately. These exams take place every month instead of yearly, and participants can give these exams online from home. This exam offers a lot of practice through the unlimited question paper and study material on the topic. Students can also take this exam to practice and participate in annually conducted exams as they help a lot in learning. This exam is available for all the main and core subjects. This gives an option to choose among the various subjects, and your child can register accordingly. The monthly Olympiads provide a lot of advantages to its students. Kids become more active through online practice, and it's easier for them to learn. Online availability of such exams helps to access these exams more constructively and according to the convenience of both children and parents. 
Students can take the monthly Olympiad exams between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm, according to their convenience. The dates will be scheduled, and there will be around 25 questions in an MCQ format. 
To know more about monthly exams, please click on the link below and Register today.