Difficulties in the Olympiad of GK for Class 6


GK for Class 6

Most of the time, students feel weighed with their school syllabus. Which could also add up to their Olympiad preparations, and they might feel worn out. This can be considered a common problem, but the teachers and especially parents need to understand this. GK for class 6 isn’t too difficult, but there might be some things holding them back. So we have addressed some common difficulties which students face in the preparation and suggested some solutions to deal with them.


Difficulty in Memorizing GK

Some students feel it is difficult to memorize their school syllabus. Along with that memorizing a whole syllabus of general knowledge can be difficult too for them. The GK is filled with facts and figures, which can be difficult for students to remember. It could be because they might be studying too hard which can exhaust them mentally.


Ensure they are not studying too hard to memorize things. Make them understand what they read instead of just memorizing it. Improve their eating and sleeping habits too.

Difficulty in Enjoying GK

There is no rule where it states studies can’t be joyful and entertaining. Especially GK for Class 6 shouldn’t be boring. It’s all facts and figures and sometimes they might feel uninterested in the subject. And this could affect their performance in

the GK Olympiad.

Please help them to enjoy the general knowledge study. GK should never be a burden as it is more of a fun-loving topic where they learn about the world around them. So make GK an enjoyable topic for them through some games and quizzes.


Difficulty in Finding Right Resources

This one problem can be solved easily. All it requires is the right study material and resources for the students. Lack of the right kind of resources makes the student weak in their preparation. Some books or sources are difficult to understand

the GK for class 6 students.

Find the right resources for the students, make them indulge in infotainment through the internet. Provide them with good books which have easy to understand explanations with simple language. For example, the workbooks and study material provided by the Indian Talent Olympiad is easy to understand for the student of every class.


Difficulty in Concentrating

It is one of the common problems faced by the students, either it is the school syllabus or GK Olympiads. But lack of concentration can be a big hurdle in their growth. There could be something going on in the mind which is disturbing them. Being lazy can also be one of them, but it needs to be confirmed what the problem is.

Try to talk with the children and ask them what the problem is rather than lashing out in anger. Make them comfortable around you, and ask about their problems. See if the problem can be solved or the better option is to ask their school teacher.

It is important for students to excel in their academics and extra-curricular activities, but not with such problems. First, these problems should be resolved and let the student begin with their own pace at study. Later, the pace can be increased with practice.

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