Do we need extra coaching to write Olympiad exam?

Do we need extra coaching for Olympiad exams

The aim of conducting Olympiads is to bring out the best of children. They are conducted for students from class 1 to class 10. Students can take up their choice of subject among multiple options that are available to them like Mathematics, Science, Art, English, Social Science, General Knowledge. Olympiads help students develop skills like analytical thinking, problem solving and logical reasoning. It prepares them for the competitions that are to come up in their life as they grow up.

Students don’t need to join coaching classes to write Olympiad exams. The curriculum that the Olympiad has set is an interface of the concepts that are taught in the classroom with their applications. There are various study materials provided by the Indian Talent Olympiad that students can refer to for preparations. Regular practice and clear understanding of the concepts will be enough to score good at Olympiads.

It is important for the student to have an idea of the syllabus before starting the preparations. The syllabus will basically be his learning from the school with its applications. Once he has an idea of everything he needs to prepare for, a proper strategy is needed for every subject. A right study schedule will help the student prepare in a disciplined way, to use time in a resourceful way. Give more time to the tough concepts and less time to easy concepts.

Different subjects will need different strategies to prepare a study schedule. Like, you can’t be having the same strategy for Mathematics Olympiad and English Olympiad. Also, preparing for English Olympiad doesn’t take up as much practice as Mathematics Olympiad. The student will have to plan accordingly on the basis of the subject he has chosen.

Apart from being thorough with concepts taught in the school, there are various study materials and monthly Olympiads that are available on the Indian Talent Olympiad website that the student can buy and prepare from. Study materials play an important role for the student’s preparation.

Another important part is solving previous years question papers. It has been proven incredibly effective over the years among all the competitive exams. It gives the student an idea of what kind of questions will be asked, how the questions are framed. Solving them will let him know his strong and weak aspects. Let's him plan his schedule accordingly. He gets an idea of exam pattern and he can also determine the time required for upcoming exams.

You don’t need extra coaching for Olympiad exam. You just need to do the things right on your own and you will be able to crack it. Everything you learn at school makes the basics for Olympiads, be attentive at school. Make the mindset and work hard. Have a schedule and follow it strictly. Be disciplined at what you do. The more you practice, the better you will be at solving application-oriented questions. Thorough understanding of the concept is equally necessary. Believe in yourself and stay motivated throughout the preparations and you will be able to crack the exam with flying colors.