Dos and don’ts to achieve success in Olympiad exams

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Dos and Donts for Olympiad Exams

The Olympiad exams are school level competitive examinations held from Class 1 to Class 10. These exams are conducted to inculcate problem-solving and analytical skills among students from an early age to develop their minds and help them form a good academic background. The Olympiad exams are majorly conducted in Mathematics, Science and English.

Appearing for these exams and scoring good rank is highly challenging as it is conducted on a very large scale with students participating from different parts of the world with equally established talents. Hence students should follow a dedicated pattern and schedule of study that helps to learn everything in detail.

Olympiads exams require hard work and dedication. Follow the below mentioned list of dos/don’ts for good performance in Olympiad exams:


Start your preparation early:  Starting your preparation early is one of the most important and crucial do’s for accomplishing your goal of getting a fantastic rank in Olympiad exams. Many a time students register for competitive exams but do not realize the seriousness of time and delay their preparation. However, it is essential that you don’t take the exams lightly and value each and every day you get to prepare for the exam.

Do continuous revision: Revision is the key to performing well in the Olympiad exams but remember this should not be only a last moment revision. Many students study something and think that they are well-versed with it. However during revision they feel it required some more hours of study but may not have that much time during the last few days before the exam. Hence to avoid these last moment hustles, students should do continuous revisions in between their regular schedule.

Practice as much as you can: To do extremely well in anything, we must practice doing it again and again until we know everything about it and gain a hold on it. Most of the syllabus in Olympiad exam is practical questions based that requires thorough practice, hence you must continue to keep working on it repeatedly to be able to answer every question that is related to that lesson.

Refer good study material: Sourcing the right source of material is very important as this is what will give you the necessary knowledge and confidence to do well in the Olympiad exams. There are lots of study material that are available by leading publishers including workbooks, practice sets, mock tests etc. that you can buy and make a part of your daily study schedule to be clear and well-prepared.

Prepare quick notes for revision: As mentioned before, Olympiad syllabus is based on the respective school curriculum. So students must make quick notes for revision when they learn the concepts be it at school or for their Olympiad exam preparation. These quick notes are very useful for last moment study when you don’t have time to study the entire chapter but want to quickly go through some important points that can help you to perform well and achieve good results.

Enjoy your studies: It is important to enjoy the Olympiad exam studies preparation and learn everything with keen interest.  Many students feel that preparing for Olympiad exams is kind of a burden as they have to work hard and study extra to pass with flying colours in the examination. However there are many benefits of appearing in Olympiad exam as it gives the students to sharpen their skills, strengthen their analytics and gain lots of additional knowledge. Hence students must take it easy and enjoy their studies and prepare wholeheartedly to get success in the Olympiad exams.

Keep recreation activity in timetable: While studying hard is mandatory for getting the desired results or rank in the Olympiad exams, it is also essential to not always be doing studies only. Relaxation and recreation are important points that should be included in every study time table as students need to keep their mind fresh. Learning lot of information is important but you should also be able to absorb it to retain it and reproduce the knowledge gained. Hence keep dedicated time for doing the favourite recreation activity of your choice be it sports, music, painting or anything else.

Practice model/previous year papers: Previous year papers are very useful to analyze the type of questions that are asked in Olympiad exams. Practicing these papers will help you test your skills and know what type of topics to prepare for. Taking regular mock tests helps to clear your concepts and lets you work on topics that need more detailed understanding.

Identify your weak areas and improve them:  Participating in an Olympiad exam strengthens the existing skills of students but at the same time also identifies the weak points and helps them to work upon them and improve them. Once you know what are the areas you need to pay more attention on it is much easy for you to study them and master them.


Don’t leave any topic: Olympiad has a vast syllabus that involves lot of concepts with practical examples for better understanding of the students.  Hence you should make sure that you study every topic thoroughly and also ensure that you do not leave any topic or chapter so that you can answer every question and attempt the question paper in full.

Don’t overburden yourself with studies: Students should make it a point to keep themselves calm and not get overburdened with Olympiad exam preparation. They should make a proper schedule from the beginning and start their preparation early.

Don’t leave motivation: Even if you to spend extra hours to study and work hard do not lose your motivation. Keep yourself engaged and encouraged and keep your aim intact to achieve great success in Olympiad exams.

Don’t lose focus: Maintain your focus and do not lose your patience. Remember the more focused you are, the easier it will be for you to attain good results in the exams. Hence prepare with complete focus on understanding each and every single concept so that you master everything.

Don’t Panic: Students tend to get panic as the examination day nears. But there is no reason to get panic if you follow the instructions from day one. Clarify all your doubts in each lesson and revise it again and again to improve your performance.

Olympiad exams give an excellent platform for students to compete at global level and earn recognition. This enables them to gain confidence and a chance to grow in academics and in personal life to pursue the dream career of their choice.

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