Enroll for National Mathematics Olympiad Exam India, National English Olympiad Exam India or National Knowledge Olympiad Exam India

By Tushar on January 22, 2020 In Exam

Olympiad exams have become the need of the hour. Such exams test students’ aptitude, general knowledge skills and help in overall development. Schools lay special emphasis on Olympiad exams. There are several institutes that allow students to appear for such exams. Indian Talent Olympiad is one such institute that nurtures hidden talent in its students. The team of Indian Talent Olympiad consists of professionals who are experts in their fields. The syllabus is designed keeping in mind the school curriculum.

Some of the subjects in which students can apply for Olympiad exams through Indian Talent Olympiad are:

  • National Mathematics Olympiad exam India
  • National English Olympiad exam India
  • National Knowledge Olympiad exam India
  • National Science Olympiad exam India
  • National Computer Olympiad exam
  • National Art Olympiad exam
  • National Essay Olympiad exam
  • National Social Olympiad exam

Let us discuss about Mathematics, English and Knowledge exams in detail.

National Mathematics Olympiad exam India


Indian Talent Olympiad conducts National Mathematics Olympiad exam India for classes from 1 to 10. The total marks for which the exam is conducted is 50. Classes 1 to 4 are given 35 questions, whereas classes 5 to 10 are given 50 questions to answer. This exam helps to drive away the fear of mathematics and helps students develop love for the subject.

National English Olympiad exam India


The National English Olympiad exam India is conducted to enhance students’ language skills and improve their academic performances. There are two sections in this paper. The first section consists of understanding basic fundamentals such as knowledge on words and sentence structure. The second section includes questions on logical reasoning, problem solving and analytical skills.

National Knowledge Olympiad exam India


Students benefit greatly out of National Knowledge Olympiad exam India, as this exam is based on general knowledge. Similar to the Mathematics and English Olympiad exams, National general Knowledge Olympiad exam India has two sections. The first section comprises of current affairs and general knowledge, whereas the second section focuses on logical reasoning. It improves thinking ability of students and improves their memory skills.

Indian Talent Olympiad is one of the few education hubs that focuses on imparting quality education to young minds. It believes that schools play a crucial role in harnessing students’ future. It caters to different boards namely State board, ICSE board, CBSE board, IG board and other International boards too. The exams are conducted in two levels respectively. Students who qualify for the first level are automatically promoted to the second level. Indian Talent Olympiad recognizes the hard work of Teachers, Principals and Parents and thus rewards each one of them involved in nurturing child’s future. It declares Best Principal and Best School Award regularly. Apart from bestowing students with certificates and medals, it also grants several cash prizes and scholarships to deserving candidates. Students also get a chance to win Laptops, IPad and lot more from Indian Talent Olympiad.

National Mathematics Olympiad exam India, National English Olympiad exam India and National Knowledge Olympiad exam India are the most popular exams among students. Enroll today.

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