FAQ on Participating in the Indian Talent Olympiad

What is the requirement to participate in the Olympiad exam?

The Indian Talent Olympiad conducts its examinations every year to provide a platform for the talented students of the country, who aspire to nurture and hone their creative skills further. Students from classes 1 to 10 can participate in the exam. The institute allows students to participate individually as well as through school administration. Children from Junior Kg and Senior Kg can also participate in exams like drawing and handwriting. There are no different eligibility criteria. Registration is open to every student from every school across the country. Schools and teachers should encourage their students to participate in olympiads as these exams help to boost their confidence. 
How can we register to participate in the Olympiad?

The registration of the exam can be done in both online and offline modes. Students who want to participate individually can go on the official website of the Indian talent olympiad. They can register for monthly olympiads and annual exams respectively. They can also take part in weekly test series by registering themselves on the site. They need to put the required information like name, age, class, subject, school, etc. Then they have to pay for the exam they have selected in a few easy steps. Online mode enables an easy and quick registration process. 

What is the format of these examinations?

Every examination conducted by ITO is in a Multiple choice format. The duration of the time allowed is fixed and cannot be tampered with. 65 minutes are given to all the classes from 1 to 10. Students from classes 1 to 4 need to attempt 35 questions and classes 5 to 10 are asked to attempt 50 MCQs. All the question (HOT) is also asked. Topic-related, logical reasoning, analytical skills, and problem-solving are the different parts of the paper. 


If schools are not conducting these exams, Can I take part in them?

The clear answer is yes; you can participate in the exam. All you need to do is to go on the website and register yourself for the exam. ITO welcomes students from any background, school, and city to compete in this exam with others. Students can give this exam from their laptop, mobile phone, etc. in the online mode. They can also register themselves for weekly tests that help in the practice. The online mode gives them the flexibility to take these exams in their own time. ITO gives prizes and scholarships to students who perform well and hold top ranks.

How many students are allowed to participate from one school?

The minimum number of students that are required to participate from one school is 40. There is no upper limit which means more the merrier. If the school has a 40+ participation count then they can conduct the exam. Students along with teachers need to understand the importance ofo such exams in academic life. They need to pursue such examinations to have a clear set of ideas for the future. At times textbooks and regular school exams are not enough to bring out students' true potential. They don't understand their point of interest and are not able to work on weaker subjects.


Are these exams conducted every year?

Yes! Indian Talent Olympiad conducts annual Olympiad exams in December and February. They also conduct monthly exams online which can be taken by the students from their respective homes. This helps them to practice for the annual exam. Winners and Rank are announced weekly on the portal. Students just need to register for the exam on the website and take it on the scheduled date. Then they will be informed about the results which can be checked on the result page. These exams provide a lot of practice to the students and boost their morals. Make sure you are helping your children to excel in these exams.  

Grab your seat and go for the registration process through the link given below:
Olympiad Exam Registration - Open for class 1 to 10 (indiantalent.org)

REGISTER NOW: https://www.indiantalent.org/olympiad-exam-registration-student