Get a Chance to be a Winner of International Drawing Olympiad

Every year, many young artists from all over the world participate in a large-scale competition known as the International drawing Olympiad. IDO is an international contest that displays the masterpieces of pencils and their owners. This competition is an event that allows students from varied institutes to come together and share their artistic skills. So if your child is searching for something special which could be beneficial to his academic life, this competition would be an incredible chance for them. IDO is a glorious event for young and budding artists. This event takes place in various cities all over the world. Even if many people might think that drawing, painting, and sculpturing are just for fun, their holders know that there is more to them than just amusing yourself on a rainy day or relaxing after a hard day at work.

With television, radio, newspapers, and the internet, the world is a global village. Yet, despite this, there are still people who haven't heard about the international drawing Olympiad, let alone are aware of its existence. But the fact of the matter is that global competitions held all over the world have a huge impact on the participating countries – and talented children. The contest aims to inspire children to draw and develop their artistic talent. It also aims to allow them to compete with their peers from other countries. For children, it's a chance to show their talents, gain recognition and improve their self-confidence.

The international drawing Olympiad has a positive effect on students. Children who participate in the contest improve their artistic skills, like artistic expression, composition, and artistic technique. Children also learn self-discipline, self-confidence, teamwork, leadership, and organizational skills. They become more creative, more self-confident, better organized, and better leaders. They learn to solve problems, make decisions, work with others, and communicate effectively.

Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO) conducts the International Drawing Olympiad (IDO) exam for the children studying in Grade 4. This exam takes place across the country within the participant's respective schools. Contestants from different cities of the world will compete against each other in an extensive range of displays and designs, including traditional tasks. School teachers and parents need to encourage the students to participate in such competitive exams, especially if the child is interested in art and creative activities. These exams give a very solid base to the young artists. Drawing exams always broaden the thinking horizon of students. It helps them to get clarity if they are interested in a creative field or not. It is one of the biggest platforms to showcase their art and talent. The National Arts Olympiad only takes place once a year.

Drawing for class 4 essentially comprises chapters teaching colors, cityscape, freehand drawing, graph drawing, pattern making, etc. Students participate from various schools all over India, and this gives them a better chance to compete with fresh and talented minds. The drawing book for class 4 has been mindfully collected by the most skilled teachers in the field of art and drawing across India. You can also get a practice workbook from our website that helps students engage in different questions that are likely to come up in the exams. Students can learn varied designs, color combinations, shapes, and patterns from these books. Drawing exams are a gateway to young talented minds in the field of creativity. Such competitions encourage students to come out of their shells and explore artistic areas in academics. It gradually helps them to boost their confidence level and also does well in their regular school exams.  

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