GK Olympiad exam for Holistic Learning

By Tushar on April 22, 2020In NGKO

It is often believed that Olympiad exams focus only on academics. English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies are generally given more importance than other subjects. However, this is not true. Several organizations conduct Olympiad exams in contemporary subjects such as General knowledge, Art, Essay and even Spelling. GK Olympiad is one of the popular exams that has gained immense recognition in the recent times.  It invites students from class 1 to class 10 to take part in this exam. It tests students’ general knowledge on current topics, science, information and technology, business, politics, history, geography, civics, environment, entertainment, sports, life skills and so on. Now-a-days, it has become imperative to check students’ aptitude to determine their interest in subjects.

National General Knowledge Olympiad, popularly known as NGKO is a unique Olympiad exam conducted at national levels. Students from different schools are given a platform to compete with one another. It is important for schools to register themselves with an Olympiad center that conducts this exam. The syllabus is based on CBSE and ICSE curriculum. Most Olympiad exams evaluate students on the school curriculum. The only difference here is that questions asked in Olympiads are tricky. It requires students to have thorough understanding of the concept. Gone are the days where students were taught using rote learning methods. Teachers today ensure that fundamental knowledge of each and every topic is clear. Only then students are able to achieve a good result.

Students who attempt Olympiad exams do so with a motive to excel in the same. Therefore, it is necessary for students to understand the exam pattern and prepare themselves accordingly. GKIO is conducted using a multiple choice format. Students are tested on various topics and are given options to choose from. There are several organizations that provide study material to students. These study material includes workbooks, mock tests, practice papers and previous year’s question papers. Indian Talent Olympiad, one of the leading Olympiad centers in Mumbai provides comprehensive set of books designed by experts. It has a team of educationists and professionals who develop content keeping in mind student requirements and interest.

One of the best ways to ensure growth of a child is to nurture young minds on personal as well as academic counts. GK Olympiad broadensthe vision of students, enables them to understand and analyze a situation to arrive at the right answer. Preparing for general knowledge Olympiad is a continuous process. It is not something which can be prepared after reading a few books just before the exam. One needs to be in touch with topics for a long time, which is why teachers often emphasize students to participate in this exam right from class 1. This is the best time to provide proper foundation for the subject. Only when students are exposed to current affairs and other general knowledge topics since a young age, it becomes easy for them to relate to content at a later age.

Indian Talent Olympiad believes that every child is gifted with talent. It is up to teachers and parents to nourish this talent. Students who attempt GKIO learn to become more precise and careful while attempting questions from Olympiad exam. This goes a long way in building proficiency and accuracy. They take utmost care in choosing the right answer after analyzing different aspects of the question. It helps them to identify their strengths, at the same time gives them a chance to work on their weaknesses. It is only when students know their positives and negatives, they focus on what is required to excel. Some organizations that conduct Olympiad exams provide students with a performance analysis report. It goes a long way in shaping their careers.

Logical reasoning is an important part of all Olympiad exams irrespective of the subject. GK Olympiad also includes this section. Students from class 1 to class 10 are exposed to reasoning questions so that they are used to solving them since a young age. Competitive exams include reasoning as an integral part of the exam. This section ensures students to use analytical skills and enhance thinking capacity. Students are made to solve questions on patterns, numbers, alphabets sequencing, relationship and so on. It involves a lot of thought process to find out the right answer. The main objective of Olympiad exam is to motivate students so that they are given in-depth knowledge of the subject. It is one of the best ways to enhance factual, conceptual, analytical, logical, reasoning and problem solving skills among them. NGKO help students to realize their true potential. It encourages them to strive towards perfection. It allows parents to know their child’s true intellectual ability. Register and bring out the best in them today.