How Class 5 Students can Prepare for GK Olympiads?

The world in modern times has become more competitive than ever before. This makes it important for a budding child to acquire knowledge about various things in day-to-day life. The general knowledge olympiad for class 5 students helps them take a look around various other things in the world. There are various things to read for the olympiads, and it could be quite difficult to create a GK road map for class 5 students. So here we provide some measures to help in the study of GK for class 5 students.

Topics for GK Olympiad

GK is a vast concept, where the more a person reads the less it is. And a student cannot study the whole general knowledge for the olympiads. So below are the topics on which the students have to focus for preparations.

1. Our Body & Health

2. Plants & Animals

3. India & The World

4. Science & Technology

5. Environment & Its Conservation

6. Language & Literature

7. Entertainment

8. Sports

9. Math Fun

10. Life Skills

11. Current Affairs

12. Logical Reasoning

Start Early

Starting early preparations for any exams is the best thing. When the students start the preparations early, they get to complete the syllabus in time, helping them do their revision in time. And most importantly, they can try on various types of questions ranging from easy to difficult to prepare better for the annual GK olympiads.

Manage Time

The GK olympiads have a total of 12 different topics to study for. So a student needs to allocate enough time for each topic to study them. Try not to study every topic at a time, even if a student is confident. It could take a toll by confusing them between two subjects. So they should create a timetable and allocate sufficient time for every topic. Ensure that they don’t just keep on studying all day; they should take a break to relax and go outdoors to play.

Plan the Day

The students are required to practice for the olympiads every day. They don’t have to study hard, but only give sufficient time to every subject. So they should plan how many days it will require to finish a particular subject. It will create a schedule for them to segregate and complete every topic in a sufficient time. Students will also get time to practice tests and do their revision in the last month of preparation.

Material for Study

To study the right GK for class 5 students, it is essential to get the right study material. The best study source of GK for class 5 students is the workbooks provided by the Indian Talent Olympiad. The Indian Talent Olympiad GK workbook has detailed information on various GK topics. The language and the information in the workbook are easily understandable. Every concept is explained with examples and also provides multiple different questions for practice. Also, students should ask their school to refer them to coursebooks from their respective boards like ICSE, CBSE, or other State boards.

Practice and Practice

Practice makes a man perfect is considered to be accurate for the preparations of the GK olympiad. Practice will help the student solve questions of different difficulty levels making them well-prepared and confident for the olympiad examinations. Students should also practice sample papers from previous years, which are provided by the Indian Talent Olympiad. Solving sample papers will help them recognize the kind of questions that will be asked, and the results of those sample papers will help them understand how weak or strong the preparations are. So they can improve their weak areas and crack the GK Olympiad with flying colours.


GK for class 5 students isn’t difficult; it can be solved easily with precise practice and preparation. But yes, if a student doesn’t practice enough for the exams, it will surely be difficult. With the time management and study materials, the practice and efforts of a student are of utmost importance. Ensure to practice well and crack the GK olympiad with higher rankings.

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