How do I prepare for English Olympiad?

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The English International Olympiad (EIO) is a language-based exam conducted for students from class 1 to class 10. This exam is conducted by the Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO) with an aim to help students judge their efficiency in the English language with that of international standards.

Students from all around the world compete for the English language. When students from different native languages come together with the spirit of competition, it promotes a sense of unity and individuality.

First step towards getting the right preparation is to start early. The earlier you start, the more the time for you to prepare. Starting your preparation early will provide you with the time to understand your weak points and work on them. This boasts the student’s confidence simultaneously.

Next step is to understand the syllabus thoroughly. Once you understand the curriculum properly, a proper timetable is to be made. The time-table you make for yourself needs to be organized correctly. Allot more time to the topics that are hard and less time to the ones you are good at.

Discipline is one thing that separates the achievers from everyone else. You need to be very much focused on your preparation process. Put in your efforts where you lag. Follow your timetable rigorously.

The right study material for every competitive exam is a must. Get the study material and sample papers at the earliest. A lot of your crucial time will be wasted if you try to find the study material at the last moment. You can visit the Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO) website to buy the best study material at a reasonable price. Solving sample question papers and Previous year’s question papers help you with getting an idea of the pattern and toughness of the exam. Students can also buy workbooks and take up monthly olympiads on the ITO website.

Apart from language efficiency, being good at Grammar is also equally important. Language efficiency is its best when the grammar is equally good. It takes a lot of practice to be good at grammar. It is advised for students to go through each and every feature of the English language and practice it firmly on a daily basis. Only then the student will be able to comprehend all the concepts involved. Everyday practice gives the student capability and self-assurance to attempt all the question asked in the exam confidently.

To improve the efficiency of any language, the habit of reading and listening becomes a priority. Reading newspapers and magazines helps you with your vocabulary and sentence formation. It also helps you with the comprehension section of the exam.

Also make up a habit of learning 10 new words with their meaning every day. If possible, maintain a dairy of it. It will help you maintain a record of all the new words you have learnt. Watching news and documentaries in the English language will also help you learn new words and it also helps you with the pronunciation of words that are hard to pronounce.

Languages can only be mastered with practice. Make sure you keep your mind fresh. Get proper sleep and follow the time-table strictly. A relaxed and composed mind is every much important to resolve tricky questions. Do not overdo yourself and you will be fine throughout the preparation process. Remember the secret to success lies in Discipline.