How do I prepare for General Knowledge Olympiad?

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General Knowledge Olympiads are conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO) every year for students from class 1 to class 10 in different parts of the country. ITO has gained a lot of recognition and appreciation for conducting GKO throughout the country. General Knowledge has a huge importance to every student as they climb the ladders of their career.

General Knowledge is a subject of never-ending information. It tests the aptitude as well as attitude of the student. Preparing for the same sharpens the logical reasoning and analytical thinking ability of the student. It keeps the student updated on current affairs.

To do good at a subject like general knowledge, students need to cultivate the habit of reading. There are a lot of sources to read. Getting into the habit of reading 2-3 newspapers everyday will not only boast the student’s knowledge of this world, it will also improve his English speaking and reading skills. The world has turned digital in the recent years and everybody has every kind of information on their fingertips. It is advisable for students to keep reading blogs and articles on the internet to understand different views on a single topic.

Apart from reading newspaper, watching news on a daily basis is another simple way of keeping yourself updated with the current affairs. There are multiple news channels with various prime time shows discussing on the happenings all around the world. Students can also watch parliamentary session on the DD channel to directly get a view of all the actions being taken by the government.

Current affair being one aspect to be good at, the student will also have to study on various different aspects like Geography, History, Plants and Animals, India and the world, Science and technology, life skills and sports.

The examination contains different weightage for different topics. The student will have to make an outline of the syllabus and exam pattern first. Based on the outline, the student needs to create a timetable for himself and follow it strictly. A proper study schedule is a must for any student preparing for competitive exams.

While studying it becomes important for the student to highlight and note down important topics. Making charts and Sticky notes will help you save a lot of time. Points that are hard to remember should be written down on the sticky note and pasted on the wall where it can be easily seen. This will help the student memorize the difficult points by looking at them on a daily basis. Writing down short notes will help the student revise the entire syllabus in a shorter duration.

Study Materials for the General Knowledge Olympiad are available on the Indian Talent Olympiad website. GK Workbook contains topic wise questions on different fields. Students can also buy previous year’s question papers and various model question papers for their preparation. Students can also register for the monthly Olympiads that are conducted by the ITO.