How do I prepare for Olympiad exams?

How do I prepare for Olympiad Exams?

There are various ways students can prepare for Olympiads. The basic aim of conducting Olympiads is to bring out the best in children. The first step of every student should be to choose the subject of their interest. Student have multiple subjects to choose from like Science, Mathematics, Social Science, Computer Science, Art, English and General Knowledge. These exams are conducted with the vision to identify young talent with quality skills like analytical thinking, problem solving and logical reasoning.

Early start is one of the key steps for preparation. Starting your preparation early and completing the syllabus a few weeks before the exams will help you with revision and provides you with time to come up with the best strategy to write the exams. It lets you take mock tests on all the topics and gives you time to work on your weak points.

Studying for Olympiads while keeping in touch with the school academics can sometimes be a burden to students. The curriculum that the Olympiads has set is simply an interface of concepts learnt at school with its applications, but while preparing for Olympiads the student will have to practice solving various types of problems. That is why it is advisable for students to organize their day and plan smartly in advance.

Here are a few examples of how you can organize your exam schedule-

• Going through the exam pattern.

• Color coding important concepts for future references.

• Writing down brief notes for revision later.

• Memorizing important theorems.

• Dividing the subject into main topics or those having follow up.

• Identify and utilize your strengths.

• Revising formulas every day.

• Study heavy weightage topics first.

Apart from having the right plan and starting early. It is also important for the student to understand the level of exam. This isn’t the regular school exam. A deeper understanding of each concept with a higher level of theoretical and practical knowledge is required.

Just trying to complete the syllabus won't be enough, it would be more advantageous to cover fewer topics with complete understanding. It will help students answer all the questions on a particular topic correctly.

There will be times when solving a problem on your own will be difficult, it is advised to ask for help when you are finding it hard to move forward. Teachers, Parents, Mentors or Seniors, the help can come from anyone. They will make you understand the topic in a way you will understand better and it will also save a lot of your time.

Now that you know of the ways a student can prepare for Olympiads, it becomes equally important to collect all the required resources. Getting the appropriate study material is the responsibility of the student. Study materials that have a proper explanation of all the topics in a simple yet effective way for better understanding. You can buy effective study materials on

Solving sample papers is also equally important. It gives you an idea of how the questions will be framed and allows you to plan accordingly. Solving question papers will boast the student’s confidence, gives him a fair idea of the difficulty of the exam and time duration. There are various sample papers available on the Indian Talent Organization (ITO) website. Apart from sample papers and study materials, ITO also provides students with recorded video lectures at a minimal price. Students can also opt for online classes at the ITO platform with accordance to their schedule.