How Do Olympiads Help in the Long Run?

By Tushar On August 22, 2020 In olympiad exams

Olympiad exams are national and international level competitions. They are much broader as compared to school exams. Students compete with each other at higher platforms. These exams are similar to self-assessments that make students realize their position amongst their peers. Students are not judged on the errors made in the exam. Instead, they are able to identify their strengths and weaknesses. It opens doors to healthy competition. Olympiads ensure fearless learning at children’s individual pace.

Olympiad exams allow students to achieve new milestones in their academic careers. A rank in these exams goes a long way in motivating the young minds. Earlier, children were ascertained only on the marks gained in school exams. There was a possibility of intellectual stagnancy. With the advent of Olympiads, children are given the choice to choose subjects of their interest. Some students may love to play with numbers, whereas others might have excellent language skills. Students can opt for subjects of their choice and score well in those exams.

Parents often want to know how Olympiads can benefit students in the long run. These are not something that can be used for the time-being and then forgotten. It stays with them for the rest of their lives. For instance, if children are enrolled for these exams from class 1 to class 10, how will it benefit them in the future? All children have unique set of aptitudes. Parents have to identify these aptitudes. The earlier done, the better it is. It is believed that all children are gifted with the same intelligence. Parents only need to enhance this level of intelligence. The Olympiad crowd is narrow as compared to the people outside of it. This is because, most of us have absolutely no clue on what is the competition all about?

Let us look at how participating in these exams benefit students in their careers.

  • Clear Understanding of Concepts – Olympiad exams are all about clearing basic fundamentals. These exams provide clarity on concepts taught in class. Most of the questions in these exams are application-driven. This means, that it not only tests knowledge acquired, but also the ability to apply the same in real life situations. The learning happens in an integrated manner.
  • Stepping Stone for Future Competitions – The education sector has witnessed tremendous changes in the recent years. Right after Grade 10, the pressure starts building on children. They are suddenly exposed to several national competitions for higher education. Instead, if students are allowed to attempt Olympiads, the fear of entrance exam is automatically removed. Students are used to such competitions, they understand question paper format and it becomes easy to plan their academic careers.
  • Profile Building – Olympiad exams are indeed a great platform to be recognized at. It gives them the chance to showcase their talent at State, National and International Levels. Medals, Rewards, Accolades and Certificates obtained by these exams, hold lot of importance at global levels. Students get to know where they stand among their peers from different parts of the world. It is easy to get into well-known higher educational institutes, after having scored well in Olympiads.
  • Enriches problems solving and analytical skills – Students who attempt Olympiad exams are used to questions from the logical reasoning section. This section enforces problem solving skills from a young age. Students are involved in brainstorming exercises naturally. It automatically develops their analytical skills, which are required in their future careers. Instead of rote-learning and cramming, students get motivated to think.
  • Enhances confidence – Exam fear is a common problem faced by majority of students. This fear is not developed when they are little. Most children develop this fear as they enter Grade 7 or Grade 8. These are considered to be turning points that determine their academic performance. Students who are used to attempting several exams, do not have any exam fear. They are able to attempt any exam with utmost confidence. It allows them to cross boundaries, and compete with unknown individuals. Thus, they are able to deal with challenges at ease.
  • Improves school performance – Olympiad exams offer immense practice to all participants. It has separate dedicated workbooks and practice question papers. These workbooks includes chapter-wise questions as per school syllabus. This acts as additional resource for students to refer to, apart from school text books. When students are encouraged to read, they automatically improve existing knowledge. It naturally improves school performance, as they acquire the hold to solve tricky questions. 
  • Assists in development of skills – Most schools tend to spoon-feed children directly or indirectly. This does not allow students to use their creative skills. Olympiad exams on the other hand, allows students to expand their thinking horizons. This directly has a positive impact on improving overall skill-sets. Olympiads acknowledge students’ effort and assists them to go beyond topics that they already know. This certainly helps them in the long run, when they apply all those learnt through Olympiad workbooks.

Olympiad exams develop a competitive spirit amongst students. Eminent personalities in the field of education such as academicians, scientists and other eminent personalities are of the view that knowledge can be inculcated only through innovation. It is difficult to instill scientific attitude in students just on the basis of what is taught in class. Instead, if they are given additional information based on school textbooks, students automatically develop the skill to explore on their own. Olympiad exams improves risk taking ability in students. They are able to go beyond boundaries and bring a good name for themselves as well as the school.

The idea behind Olympiad exam is not only to identify child’s intelligence, but boost individual temperament. It is the best exam where students out-perform themselves. Although it is a national level competition, students at one point or the other compete with oneself. The spirit of comparing one’s individual performance, with previous performances improves accuracy.  Apart from focusing on school curriculum, students these days, focus on how external exams can be highly advantageous for other entrance exam preparations.

The cure for boredom is curiosity. Curious minds have the ability to explore things beyond their reach. It is believed that students must not be taught what to think, instead they must be taught how to think. The latter is done through Olympiad exams. It inculcates the habit of self-learning. This one change goes a long way in bringing the best out of each and every child. These exams make students come out of their comfort zones. The foundation given in the early years, stays with them for the rest of their lives. Olympiads are the passport for tomorrow. It belongs to those who put in their hard work today.