How to check your IMO Results 2021- 22

As you know, the examination results are one of the most critical parts of any student’s life. After the end of the exam, the next part that students will be curious about is results and ranking status. The faster the results are out, the easier it is for students as they don’t feel constrained for a longer time. The results play an important role as it defines the position and progress of a student. 

Students competing in the Olympiad Exams of International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) 2021-22 can see their Olympiad results on the “Indian talent olympiad” website itself. ITO conducts Olympiad exams every year in 8 subjects, i.e., Maths, GK, Science, Essay, Drawing, English, Computers, and Social Studies. The Olympiad exam 2021 will take place in online as well as offline mode. To check your result, you will have to log in using your roll number. The results will be instantly revealed on the website. The Olympiad grades achieved by the student will also be shown once the student has viewed the result.

Steps to check the result

The results of the students participating in all the Olympiads like Science, Maths, English, GK, Computer, Drawing, Essay, and Social Studies will be displayed for the respective subjects on the website itself.
Students can verify the result by communicating with the school administration. Students can also review the results by following the steps mentioned below.

- Go to the official website of the India Talent Olympiad (ITO).

- You will see the result section on the main page. Go, click on it.

- Enter your roll number, and select the search option.

- Students’ results will be displayed on the screen with all the other information.

- Details will include student grade/rank and next-level eligibility status.

- Take a Print out of the ITO results for future reference.


Is It Worth Applying To Talent Olympiads?

The answer is yes!! What would you do if you always wanted to be good at Math but struggled with the subject? Most likely, you would find a way to become better at it. For instance, you could enroll yourself in an intensive summer course to train yourself on problem-solving techniques, or you could pay for private lessons, or you could even take online courses to help improve your math skills. But out of all these activities, the best way to learn, practice, and test out your growth is Olympiads. If you won first place or scored well in it, it’d guarantee that you’ll succeed in your regular school exams as well. Olympiads certainly help students to understand their true potential. The whole concept of conducting these exams is to nourish the hidden talent of children. This is why we offer exams in all the subjects to help these students understand their interests and preferences. That is why ITO offers such a long list of Olympiad exams. You can register on the ITO website for the Olympiad and win exciting cash rewards and other prizes.

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