How to prepare for GK Olympiad - Class 1

GK olympiad for class 1 

General Knowledge (GK) plays an important role in various competitive exams. GK questions test not only your knowledge about India but also about various countries around the world. The concept of the GK Olympiad exams is to prepare children for competitive exams. The GK Olympiad for class 1 is a competitive exam, which helps students become better in academics. The course structure of the GK Olympiad class 1 exam encompasses all the major areas. The General Knowledge (GK) section of the class 1 Olympiad exam will test a child's overall development. A child's learning should be assessed in terms of overall growth. The GK section of the exam aims at bringing forward students with aptitude and the ability to respond appropriately to various questions. Therefore, besides knowledge of general information, the examiner also assesses children's ability to express themselves and make judgments through appropriate writing skills.


Tips to improve GK

In Class 1, students do not need to worry too much about the general knowledge part. Still, they need to prepare basic things. Here are a few tips from ITO to help you out. Always make your child aware of the important facts related to the country and its neighboring states, also about a few historical facts. You can also teach them, few basics about various religions followed in the country. Talk about the capital cities of neighboring countries as well. All this can be taught to your child in a fun way. It would help if you bought the practice books by ITO for the same. This will give them a good start towards building their general knowledge as early as they can. According to a recent survey, only 50% of candidates qualify in the GK section of a competitive exam. So, to be among those candidates, your children must start preparing GK questions well in time.

Here are some helpful tips and strategies to prepare GK questions for competitive exams:

1. Keep Current Affairs updated:
Current affairs are the factor that changes every day. So, you need to keep up with these days. Before you sit for an exam, go through newspaper headlines and news updates. When you come across an important event or topic, quickly note it down.


2. Identify your weak areas:
If you do not score well in the GK section, make sure you know which topics you need to improve on. These are topics on which you need to devote most of your time.


3. Prepare notes:
Once you start knowing about the current happenings, you can prepare notes. Make notes about important events, dates, and important personalities.


4. Take notes:
This will help you revise the important points. Make sure you revise the points that you missed or didn't remember.


5. Practice:
Practice makes a man perfect. So, it would be best if you prepared daily GK questions. The questions should be easy to answer and should not require a lot of calculation.


6. Take mock tests:
Mock tests are the best way to evaluate yourself and improve your GK. Take mock tests to assess your preparation level.


7. Keep a GK diary


Why is Gk important?

Knowledge is power so is knowledge. Be wise and teach your child the importance of knowledge. Children, when exposed to knowledge, tend to imbibe it faster than adults. So, make it a habit to expose your child to anything that can help in enhancing his general knowledge.

Your child should be acquainted with the current happenings in the country. Make your child aware of all the latest information to be well-versed with what is happening today. Make them aware of the history of the country, its regions, and cities. Also, make your child informed about a few famous personalities who have contributed to the country's growth. Help them to remember some important dates in history. History is not just about dates and names but also facts and events. Give your child knowledge of these so that they can aptly answer in exams.

Encourage your children to read newspapers and magazines. Also, make your child aware of the names of important countries, their abbreviations, and maps. Your kids should be well conscious of all the important sports that the country is famous for. Make them aware of all the popular sports in the country, along with the athletes who have excelled in these sports. Help your child gain knowledge of all the famous places in the country, along with the map. Also, make them aware of tourist places in the country. Encourage your child to learn all the important monuments that the country is famous for. Also, make your child informed of a few famous personalities who have made contributions in the field of architecture, art, literature, music.

You can help your children with all this necessary information by getting books provided by the Indian Talent Olympiad that consists of all the necessary topics and information. To buy the books and for more information, please click on the link below:
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