How to Prepare for olympiad exams?

By Tushar On May 14, 2020 In Exam

Why Olympiad?

Olympiad exams are competitive exams held at school level. These exams are different from the regular school exams. These exams are conducted by various organizations at a national level. In India there are many such non-profit / private organizations who organize these types of exams. It gives students an opportunity to the face competition right from a young age. Students of class 1 to 10 can appear for such competitive exams. The motive of these exams is to build self-confidence and advance the level of understanding the concept. These exams are constructed in a student friendly way so that the student may not face any difficulty while preparing for these exams. Olympiads help in developing the future of the students. They are organized to remove fear of exams from the students by bringing an exposure to the competitive atmosphere. These exams are based on the curriculum of the school. These exams are very challenging as students across India take part in it.

Let us explore how a student gets benefited by appearing for Olympiad Exam.

How Olympiad Exams help students?

  • Knowledge Enhancement

Competitive exams promote learning skills and improve performance of the student. Student’s strengths and weaknesses are checked based on their achievements. One can identify the potential and capability of a student with the help of such competitive exams. Students learn how to survive in this competitive world. Numerous exercises help students in knowing the areas they need to practice more which helps in multiplying their knowledge.

  • Improved Performance

Problem solving skill is enhanced and understanding of the concept is improved. When a student learns anything with properly understanding the concept, he or she gradually moves one step forward by adding new information in to his or her existing knowledge. And when the concept is clear to them, it becomes very easy and fast for them to learn. Performance upgrades when a student challenges his or her own limits and works hard in improving the lacking areas.

  • Boosts Confidence

A big platform is given to the students to showcase their talent. The ranks and awards achieved at the competitive exams develop confidence in the students. Lifting up the confidence students feel motivated and a sense of encouragement grow in them. This helps students to score good in their academics too.

  • Reasoning Ability in Increased

Reasoning ability is an important aspect of thinking skills. It allows drawing logical conclusions. The questions in these competitive exams are tricky and to solve such questions one must develop logical thinking skill. Once mastering in finding the logic behind every concept, a student learn to give answers logically. Hence, a skill of logical reasoning is added in students’ academic development.

How to Prepare?

Practice is the backbone of every desire to achieve success. Behind every successful student a lot of efforts and hard work is invested. With adequate practice a performance is improved.

Preparation for these competitive exams becomes very easy when a student puts in his or her time and efforts in forming up the missing pieces. A thorough practice is to be done without fail. The syllabus these exams follow is identical to the school board curriculum. Polishing and rectifying the issues in understanding the concept leads to achieve excellence. Scheduling study is very important. Making sure to dedicate more hours to the subject a student is weak in. Revising and repeating will help students to stay tuned with the concept.

          Solving sample papers is the best way to overcome the challenges and hurdles that come across while studying. Sample papers give a rough idea of the pattern the exam follows. Student by practicing these papers learn to manage the time taken to solve each question. The format of the questions is in the form of multiple choice questions. Solving previous year question papers help build good strategy. Preparing before a week of the exam is not enough, one must practice on daily basis in order to score good rank in the exam. Workbooks for each subject are made available to the students. Referring Olympiad books may also help students in the preparation. These books are constructed by the subject experts in order to make the content reader friendly. Answer key with logical explanation is provided to measure the progress and work on the negative marks.


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