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International Drawing Olympiad class 3 is a global competition for standard 3 students in art and creativity. Art for the younger generation has become an ideal genre within the cultural environment. Such skills are an important aspect of children's self-expression by encouraging imagination, creativity, and critical thinking. Drawing has been a part of human history from the very beginning. At present, everyone likes to draw and do it as a hobby and as a profession, as it is a way to express your inner world and imagination. In the current world, the number of talented young artists worldwide is growing at a rapid pace. Each of these young artists has great potential to develop this talent and reach success. One of the best ways to be recognized by others is to participate in a competition. These competitions help students to boost their confidence level and get many rewards for future success.


Why do we need the Drawing Olympiad?

As kids, we all grew up learning to draw. Most of us are happy if our artwork doesn't end up looking like a coloring book. It is interesting that while some people can effortlessly put on paper what they see in their minds, most of us struggle with it. If you love drawing, then the Olympiad is the place for you! Indian Talent Olympiad aims at the development of the Arts in schools by organizing drawing Olympiad Competitions. We are with you to help your students to develop their talents. We are the largest event providing a platform for the most talented students all over the world. We conduct a Drawing Competition for class 3 at the national level with many students participating from various schools across India. Our team has made special practice books that are fun to solve and help students improve their drawing day by day. All the activities are designed in the best way possible to make it an interesting experience for your children.
The book comprises many creative and innovative ideas and different topics and illustrations. Our books help students understand color combinations, patterns, various methods, and techniques to make shapes. Drawing is a fun and effective way for students to open vision and see everything out of the box. Even the students who aren't good at drawing want to learn and indulge in creative activities because the subject is so fun. Our book will help students to get a fair idea of the main olympiad exam format. Studying from our books can help them to score well in exams and win exciting prizes. 


Why Register at ITO? 

Students practicing drawing tend to think visually, making learning easier and grasping the concepts naturally. Our mind is naturally made to create images and find it difficult to make sense of abstract words. Most students are seen drawing the objects available around them at their homes, school or nearby places. Many of them similarly draw their drawings because it is just a habit. Others just draw what they see, whether it's being portrayed in reality. But with ITO, students will be able to develop and polish their artistic skills. The Indian Talent Olympiad competition is the best because every child has a story to tell, a dream to realize and a chance to shine. A country as diverse as India has so much more to offer not just in terms of raw material but also in terms of human potential. The contest gives "eyesight" to those hidden gems, those untapped talents who only need an opportunity to actualize their dream, and then they can take it as far as they want or as far as their talent allows them to take it. To register, visit our website now:


Drawing books for Class 3

National Art Olympiad (NAO) exams encourage students of standard 3 to improve their drawing skills and do good. The exam is conducted by one of the country's leading organizations, the Indian Talent Olympiad. ITO offers exams in various subjects other than drawing. The group gives exams books that consist of several topics, engaging designs, and innovative concepts for students to imagine and draw. These Workbooks are created by design experts who understand the requirements of the students. For those who do not know about the Drawing Olympiad and its importance, it promotes art and recognizes the child's hidden artistic capabilities. It also helps in developing a sense of balance and creativity. This only means that parents along with teachers must support their kids to compete in this exam. Of course, there is no denying that apart from knowledge and academics, soft skills such as the child's creativity and ability to work under pressure become an important factor for their future growth.

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