The Importance of Logical Reasoning


Indian Talent Olympiad has been striving to promote skilled learning in all subjects for students across the entire country. It becomes important for students to inculcate the skill of logical reasoning at a young age to be able to master any subject they are interested in. As parents, it becomes their responsibility to help their children get into the talent of to be able to get a solution to any kind of problem.

Encountering a problem and solving it is a consequential thing which cannot be ignored and it also helps identify one perspective and outlook to the problem encountered. There are multiple ways of solving a problem. For one, a problem can be solved with science or say it can also be solved with experience. The factor that affects both the ways of solving the problem in logical reasoning.

Logical Reasoning is a result of a person’s critical thinking and wisdom. It is how a person applies a rational to number of practices and phenomena in everyday experience. Logical thinking skills require and involve a progressive analysis, for example, by weighing all available options, using facts and figures, and making important decisions based on the pros and cons.

As a child tends to grow up, logical reasoning becomes an everyday aspect of his life. Logical thinking skills helps people improve themselves in many ways, for example, by forcing intellectual self-improvement because you consider hard facts even when you are assessing your own performance. This also help you become a better team player because you are unlikely to let you emotions, such as your ego, cloud your judgment.

There are various methods to improve the logical reasoning skill of a student like getting into the habit of playing mind games at a young i.e., Rubik cubes, Sudoku and puzzle games. Another way is to develop the habit of questioning everything. When you start to question things going on around you, you tend to collect a lot of information in trying to get the answer. Be flexible enough to look at a problem from different perspectives even if they contradict your long-held beliefs. Accept with an open mind and entertain any new information, without any personal biases that you may have.

The exams that are conducted by ITO take up logical reasoning as a tool to prepare the question papers. The questions asked are usually the applications of everything that has been taught to the student in his school. Logical reasoning holds 30% weightage in all Olympiads to measures child’s overall capability and intelligence.

As parents it is advisable to encourage students to take up examination like the Olympiads at a young age to develop multiple skills that are required in the long run and Indian Talent Olympiad provides students with the best platform to develop these skills.