Importance of Olympiads – Indian Talent Olympiad

-Jayashree Suryakanth Shet


The future of our country lies in the hands of today’s students. It is of crucial importance that we prepare our students for the challenges of the future. This cannot be done by simply educating them through textbooks. Actual learning generally happens outside the classrooms. Students should not be restricted to the knowledge from their textbooks alone.

The Indian Talent Olympiad was started with the chief aim of encouraging and motivating the students to sharpen their skills and strive towards excellence. It trains students to develop logical reasoning and critical and analytical thinking. It provides a universal platform to help boost their confidence and improve their performance.

We conduct Olympiad exams for students from classes one to ten. Our Olympiad exams help students to think beyond classroom learning and help them to prepare for future competitive exams. We offer Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, General Knowledge, English, Computer, Essay and Drawing Olympiads. These subjects are intended to cover the entire school syllabus and help them in gaining an advanced level of understanding. These exams are conducted annually as well as monthly.

Every parent wishes that their child should perform his best and excel in his future. Olympiad exams are an excellent choice for students to help them enhance their skills. Students who wish to register for these exams can do so either individually or through their respective schools.

In the current pandemic situation, it is a wonderful way for students to keep themselves engaged in learning and sharpen their skills. It helps them to stay updated and prepared for various challenges that may be thrown at them. In addition to their classroom learning, the Olympiad exams help students to apply the concepts to problem-based application questions.

The pattern of the Olympiad exams contains three sections: Subjective, High Order Thinking and Logical Reasoning. These Sections have been formulated in a manner to help students master their concepts and engage in brainstorming sessions. Unlike school-based exams, the Olympiad exams are designed to tarin students to develop the skill of logical reasoning, critical analysis and analytical thinking. It helps them develop a problem-solving attitude.

Subjects such as Mathematics and Science cannot be learnt by simply memorizing the theory or formulae. It requires constant and continuous practice. The Indian Talent Olympiad offers extensive resources to complement classroom learning. Students can get access to Workbooks, Previous year question papers, Study app and even the Monthly Olympiad exams.

The Olympiad exams helps students to stay updated with the recent developments in various fields. In the current generation, students have wide access to various social media platforms and other digital platforms. They are expected to have much more knowledge about the current happenings around the globe. The General Knowledge Olympiad is a great way to help them keep up with the current affairs. These exams are formulated to ensure students keep themselves updated with all significant events of the past and those happening around them. It assures the holistic development.

In order to survive in today’s world, students need to have an excellent command over English language. They should master their speaking as well as writing skills. Higher education and jobs prefer students who have great communication skills. It helps them to boost their confidence and pushes them to participate in various extra-curricular activities such as debates, quizzes, etc.

The Indian Talent Olympiad offers a platform where students all over the country can engage in healthy competition. It encourages them to work hard and get high ranks. It helps them to assess their own performance and improve their scores. Such a platform prepares the students for future competitive exams. It inculcates a competitive spirit and allows them to interact with students across the country.

The Workbooks designed for the Olympiad exams help students to practice and apply their concepts to various questions consistently. The explanations provided also help them to get their basic concepts cleared and answer tricky questions. The key to success is hard work and consistency. These exams train students to focus on their future goals rather than just their school exams. It helps them to pursue their interests.

The Olympiad exams tests the logical reasoning and critical thinking of individual. If students develop such skills from a young age, it helps them to face future challenges confidently. Students would be better prepared for interviews which test their overall skills. It ensures holistic development of the students. Such exams allow students to think and form their own opinions on different topics.

The Indian Talent Olympiad conducts these exams and ranks the students based on their scores. They are awarded National ranks, State ranks and school ranks. Such a ranking system pushes students to work harder to strive towards success. The top performers in the Olympiad exams are given scholarships and exciting prizes. Rank holders are also given cash prizes. These awards are a great incentive to students to enroll themselves for the Olympiad exams.

With increasing competition, students need to prepare themselves to stand out amongst a crowd. Mere high grades in school exams is not sufficient to determine the true potential of a student. Today’s world requires and prefers those students who can tackle challenges bravely. The Olympiad exams provide an excellent platform for students for students to improve their weaknesses and sharpen their strengths. It boots their confidence and encourages them to further their interests.