Important Books to Improve the Drawing of Class 2 Students

It is always like an escape from the studies when children begin their drawings. They want to get lost in their imagination and make the best art possible. They can make their efforts more effective by learning from some of the best drawing books. Drawing books strengthen the basics of drawings for children which can make them confident to exclaim that, “This is my school drawing.” Below are some of the best drawing books which can improve the drawing of class 2 students.
How to Draw for Kids: Learn to Draw Step by Step, Easy and Fun - DP Kids

This book is one of the most sorts after books for children aged between 4 to 12 years. It is a 100-page long book with around 45 projects which has subjects and objects like animals, fruits, cars and others seen in day to day life. The book states multiple steps to draw a picture that are easy to understand by the children.

Blossom Activity Drawing and Colouring Books for Kids - Content Team at Target Publications

This is a set of 4 books in one with step by step explanation of the drawing. The book is considered to be apt for children till the age of 10 making it perfect for class 2 students. This set of 4 books improves the coordination of children’s hands with eyes through the drawings and also helps children to be more creative and imaginative. 

Class 2 Drawing Book - Indian Talent Olympiad

Indian Talent Olympiad also provides drawing books for class 2 students to help them get better at drawing. The book gives simple to understand insights for the children. The book touches on various topics to help students learn the different concepts and be prepared for International Drawing Olympiad (IDO). The professional experts from the field of arts are involved in the making of these books. Students can learn different shapes, strokes, designs and colours from the book. These drawing books are also helpful for the class 2 students to excel in their school drawing.

Blossom Drawing and Colouring Activity Books for Kids - Content Team at Target Publications

This book is an amazing option for children if they want to draw along with colouring. The book will able them to understand the proportion of the figures as the figures are easy to draw with step by step explanation. The book includes 22 chosen drawings and 50 pages. The book has drawings from easy to difficult and shifts to difficulty systematically making drawing lessons easy to learn.

These books will able the children of Class 2 to make their basics in drawing strong. It will help them to be ready beforehand for the Drawing Olympiads. Their school drawing will improve too, which in result increases their confidence and morale.

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