Important tips to prepare and perform well in Mathematics Olympiad

By Tushar on December 26, 2020, In Mathematics Olympiad

ITO Blog Important Tips To Prepare And Perform Well In Mathematics Olympiad

Mathematics is one of the crucial subjects which act as a foundation for a strong academic performance and professional background. There are many students who fear mathematics however there are also many students who love to solve a maths problem.

For every student, appearing in mathematics Olympiad examination is a very good experience as it helps them to develop and sharpen their analytical and problem-solving skills. Acquiring strong mathematical skills also paves a way for students to participate in a number of competitive exams and win lot of rewards and recognition to their credit.

To perform well in mathematics Olympiad, it is a must for students to invest proper time and prepare with the right mindset and attitude. Since mathematics as a subject requires lot of practice to become perfect in understanding the concepts of each topic, it is must for students to start their preparation from day one so that they do not lose out on any time and make the most of their time.

Most children remain confused and do not understand as to when and how they should go about their preparation schedule. Hence we have jotted down the most important points which student must consider while appearing for mathematics Olympiad exam.

Here is the list of important tips suggested to prepare and perform well in Mathematics Olympiad:

Start Early Preparation: You must start preparing for your exams as soon as you register for mathematics Olympiad. Whatever may be the exam time table, you should begin your studies from day one itself as the earlier you start the better you will be able to prepare and have ample time to learn the concepts. Every minute you spend on mathematical problems will help you to prepare and perform well in the mathematics Olympiad exam.

Know Syllabus Well: This is one of the most important and primary steps for preparation for your Olympiad exam. Knowing your syllabus well will help you to understand the importance of each topic that is detrimental to your preparation. The syllabus of mathematics Olympiad is vast and questions from a variety of topics is asked in the exams. You will also be able to analyze which topic you need to pay more attention and which topic you need to allot less time.

Collect Study Material: Once you have registered for the mathematics Olympiad exam and read the syllabus thoroughly, you should start gathering your study materials as early as possible so that you do not lose any time for preparation. Even if you are planning to appear next year, then also you can start preparation early as the study materials are easily available nowadays.

Find out the right resources: Make sure to gather the right study material and practice test sets as much preparation as you do, it will be fruitful only. Becoming a mathematics genius requires the right set of skills and aptitude. Hence it is essential you find the right tutor and set of study material for effective and easy preparation for your mathematics Olympiad exam preparation. The learning period is extremely beneficial and holds great significance to score good results.

Stick to a Study Schedule: It is extremely important that you prepare an organized study timetable at the start of your preparation and follow it dedicatedly throughout till the final hours of revision before exam. Your study schedule should generally involve 5 days of study through the week and keeping the weekends for revision. This will help you to analyze your preparation and re-adjust your schedule according to the time required for each topic preparation.

Review Your Progress: Keep track of your progress intermittently as without a review at proper intervals, it is not possible to get a proper judgement of the level of your preparation for mathematics Olympiad. Thus it is advisable to conduct timely checks of your study schedule through practice sessions and mock tests. The more practice you do, the better perfection you will be able to achieve the desired results.

Study Smarter, Not Harder: Most children are afraid of mathematics thinking it will be tough to crack. But you need to understand that studying hard is not necessary at times, instead studying smart is the golden rule every student appearing for mathematics Olympiad should adopt. Check and practice previous year sample papers to prepare for performing well in the exams.

Discuss with Others: Every student has some special skills and caliber. Hence you should be open for discussion with other students you know who are appearing for mathematics Olympiad. This way you can exchange your learning and knowledge and also learn from other students as they might be following some other study pattern or come across something new.

Stay Motivated but Relaxed: Scoring good results in mathematics Olympiad requires lot of dedication and hard work. You might also have to give long hours of study into your preparation schedule. But remember to stay motivated and have the right approach and attitude to perform well on the exam day. Do not panic as the exam day nears; stay relaxed and stress-free so that there is no scope of underperforming in the exams.

Although the syllabus of the mathematics Olympiad exam is based on the respective school curriculum itself, it is a must for students to understand that they need to do separate preparation for the Olympiad exams. Since the questions asked in the examination are comparatively much trickier and tough, students need to understand each and every concept very well. Apart from following the above tips rigorously, students should develop a healthy lifestyle that includes a proper diet with good amount of sleep. Getting a rank in Olympiad will help to improve your overall academic results and also give a boost to your profile making it easier for you to get admission in the career of your choice in future.