Indian Talent Olympiad – We believe every child is special

Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO) is one of the best Olympiad exam conducting bodies in India. It was founded with a mission to provide education and knowledge enlightening opportunities to talented students irrespective of caste, creed, or economic background. Our motive has been to foster the spirit of competition that ignites the never-give-up attitude. ITO is India’s biggest and most prestigious institute that will challenge the students and give them opportunities to be better at what they do. It provides a platform for students to compete and win against students from different schools. The most mesmerizing part is that your lines of interest are almost unknown to the participants, providing you with an unforgiving environment to showcase your potential.

Indian Talent Olympiad is one of the preeminent Olympiad institutions in the country. ITO was established in 2012 and has proudly connected with 33,175+ schools. This network has now reached more than 1 crore students. It has acknowledged 2,00,000+ rank toppers and granted 7000+ scholarships to the students. ITO feels honored to have Madam P.T Usha (Olympian Champion) on the advisory committee. 


Olympiad Syllabus

The Olympiad Exams follow the school syllabus. This means that whatever your school teaches for class 7th or 8th, there would be questions on these topics in the ITO exam. The other top-notch feature of our exams is that we conduct the test in offline and online mode. School Olympiads are the perfect opportunity to make your children’s talents visible to schools. We support all science olympiads, math olympiads, language olympiads, and more.

Students who wish to succeed in various olympiads must practice previous year question papers because that will help them clearly understand the type of questions asked and the format of the question paper. Solutions given at the end allow students to evaluate their performance and figure out problem areas. Students who are appearing for the Olympiad exams are advised to practice previous year papers. This will help students prepare for the exam and learn the examination pattern. The students can also get solutions to Olympiad papers.

Olympiad Registration and Results

You can see your results online, and you will receive a certificate for each of the Olympiad exams. This online registration form can be used by students of all ages – everyone from first grade to high school seniors – who have the desire and potential to succeed on a national level. For the students, the Olympiad exams are an opportunity to represent their school and district as well as engage in a competitive learning experience. At the same time, these exams help them acquire valuable subject knowledge by imparting theoretical as well as practical knowledge.


Olympiad Workbooks

The Olympiad workbooks are designed meticulously. These books are made available with the student in view. The topics are designed in a simple form so that students can understand them easily. Different sections are given in practice books depending on the subject. Each subject has been covered in its section so that students learn the same thing at the same time. Students are provided with ample opportunities to solve problems. This increases their confidence while solving problems. These Olympiad workbooks are written to equip the students with necessary information on general topics. This will help them to shape their career and grasp the essential concepts of the subject. The information provided in these books is simple. Short statements have been made for each topic so that the kids can read them easily.

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