India's Youngest Artists and Olympians

International Drawing Olympiad

The children of India today are young and full of potential and talent. The glow and glitter of the finest and the biggest arena in the world would indeed dazzle any child, but little did we know that some actual budding artists and Olympians were performing right before our eyes.

The International Drawing Olympiad is a chance for the young minds of students to exhibit their creativity at a global level. Students can use their talent as a source to create and display it through drawing, coloring, painting, collage. With this in mind, the Indian Talent Olympiad brings students across the country an opportunity to shine. The International Drawing Olympiad (IDO) is an event organized to bring out the latent artist in each student at the school level; it also helps to motivate children to achieve excellence in art. It's organized every year to ensure that the artists of tomorrow are inspired.


Drawing Olympiad for Class 6

Drawing is an essential part of art that helps boost the creative skills of each individual. Competitions like IDO are held to find out who is the best in India; the budding artists and the future artists get a great platform to showcase their talent. Every student is unique and has skills. The fact that they are being appreciated for their skills encourages them to learn new things. Drawing is an art that helps to enrich not just the artistic sense but also improves our memory and concentration. Children familiar with the creative field often build their moral values, concentration level and enhance their overall personality. The impact of drawing on children's life is very positive. Therefore it becomes very important for them to learn this fine art. Drawing is a way of seeing, discovering, and thinking. It may be used as a tool for self-expression, exploration of ideas, and observation of both life and art. Drawing can also be considered as a method of 'Thinking in Space. ' Several students enroll for the drawing Olympiad every year. 


Books for the Olympiad

Indian Talent Olympiad provides you with books that have been designed to improve the drawing skills of students. And the bigger agenda of ITO is to build a strong foundation for the overall development of students by gaining broad knowledge and infusing strong artistic skills. Children will learn not just how to draw but also to observe, explore and learn about the state of art and design. This book contains various exercises for students. The need for this format is that these exercises strengthen the student's ability to calculate and attain drawing techniques. The author has tried to balance the requirements of the school and the requirements of the student.

ITO has designed this study kit keeping in mind the requirements of students of Class 6. This book contains easy-to-do drawings and paintings incorporating a variety of form techniques with a variety of colors mainly based on primary colors and a wide range of shades from light to dark. The book is a child-friendly book with explanations related to different drawing techniques including blending, shading, doodling, coloring, etc. This means children of class 6 can learn various techniques while developing a hobby at their ease. The book has been designed for school-going students to enhance their drawing skills while engaging in a new fun activity. Children can also take a break from their studies and learn something new. Students from class 6th of any school must grab this book of drawings.


How does drawing help students?

Drawing is a fun and interesting form of expression that anybody would love to pick up as a hobby. In the busy schedule of life, children and youngsters do not find the time to express their creative potential thoroughly. This is why there comes a necessity for drawing books that can help students refine and develop their drawing skills. Drawing opens the innovative channels in mind and enables kids to express themselves more beautifully and with ease.

Nowadays, it is a common thing to have a hobby on the side of learning. So many kids have developed a hobby of drawing or painting. It doesn't matter what types of drawings they create as long as they improve regularly. Drawing is one of the most important aspects of students' life in class 6. There are certain skills in drawing which let students know how to tackle problems in the future. Proper guidance by teachers will improve the drawing skills of students. Sometimes it cannot be easy to get your children to enjoy a hobby. But drawing is something they will love no matter what. Because of this, you need to get them a good book on drawing. The Drawing Book For Kids: Make Cool Pictures is a great choice for your kids to develop their drawing skills. Books by ITO can also help improve the drawing skills of students. You can get access to the books by clicking on the link below: