International Computer Olympiad (ICO) Exam for Young Minds

By Tushar on March 21, 2020 In Exam

International Computer Olympiad (ICO) is a popular Olympiad exam conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO). It is similar to other subjects namely Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and English. The only difference being, ICO has only one level of examination. Students who are interested in computers are encouraged to participate in this exam. Young geniuses are identified by computer teachers in class, who then motivate them to be a part of International Computer Olympiad (ICO). 

Today’s generation is glued to laptops, iPads, and mobile phones. They are inclined towards gadgets much more than anybody else. Instead of wasting their precious time in simply playing games, parents must persuade them to do something different. The whole world has become a global village, all because of the boom in information & technology. Computer Olympiad exam allows students to master coding, programming languages and learn latest inventions of today. 

Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO) is one of the leading Olympiad institutes headquartered in Mumbai. It has spread its wings across the country and associated with different schools all over. The Olympiad exams offered by ITO cater to all boards namely State board, CBSE, ICSE and International boards respectively. Students need not worry about the syllabus of Olympiad exams. The curriculum is based on school curriculum. Thus, it does not burden the child in anyway. International Computer Olympiad (ICO) is open for students from Class 1 to Class 10. The exam consists of multiple choice questions. Sufficient time is given to students to think and answer each question. 

Students must be encouraged to become tech-savvy from a young age. All thanks to digitalization, gone are the days when we had to depend on paper-work. The new generation understands that mastering computer as a subject is the need of the hour. With plastic money, online transactions, emails, chat-bots and artificial intelligence, computers will remain to be in great demand for many more years to come. There is a new invention in technology almost every day. This becomes interesting for students to learn and understand. 

All schools have computer labs equipped with latest hardware and software. They are given hands-on training on different topics. Some of the topics covered include basics of computer system, storage devices, operating system, essential computer hardware, information processing cycle, and mental ability. Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO) provides books on various subjects, Computers being one among them. The books are informative that offers in-depth knowledge on different topics. It has practice questions with answers and explanations to correct answers. It gives them an idea about questions asked in the final exam. The sample paper is created by professionals who are experts in their field. It makes students familiar with syllabus, paper pattern, and lot more. 

Apart from books the organization provides previous year’s question papers for practice. Students can achieve that extra mile by solving these question papers. The organization has also introduced an online study app named EduEazy that can be downloaded on any smartphone. The app allows students to attempt practice questions and mock question papers online. The app is interactive and easy to use. 

The procedure to register with Computer Olympiad exam is very simple. Students can contact their computer teacher who would provide all details regarding the exam. Exam schedule, syllabus and exam pattern is given beforehand to students who have enrolled for the exam. Students who appear for this exam compete with each other on national levels. This gives them the confidence to appear for various competitive exams. Students must be exposed to different competitions. This will help them to face different type of questions and will also assist them during higher studies.

International Computer Olympiad (ITO) is for computer freaks who love this subject. If you have love for computers, you can go a long way in carving a niche for yourself. Parents along with teachers play a crucial role in motivating young minds to participate in this exam. The main objective of this exam is to nurture talent and give them a platform to test their knowledge. It focuses on sharpening reasoning abilities of students. This exam focuses on overall growth and development of students. It boosts learning of present school syllabus, helping them to face national competition.

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