International Drawing Olympiad 2021-22

International Drawing Olympiad 

The Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO) team intends to initiate the younger generation to participate in art activities. Keeping the same in mind, the Indian Talent Olympiad conducts an event called the "International Drawing Olympiad" for the students of class 7. The competition enhances the artistic skill of young art enthusiasts and focuses on improving their imagination, observation power, and creativity. During the initial stages learning of art does not get established. It gets polished when one can get more benefit by thoroughly studying the things required to draw only based on their observation. At ITO, your students get books that provide all the necessary information. They have selected themes with simple and interesting characters to make it easy to understand and learn drawing. This book is specially designed for class 7 students. Our experts have kept in mind all the required topics to produce a perfect practice book. 


What is drawing?

Drawing is an art that requires both creativity and imagination. It is practiced by many artists worldwide and is admired for its beautiful strokes and creativity. Drawing has become increasingly popular among the class 7 students as they draw pictures of all kinds, using different imaginative techniques. It is considered art when an individual brings a pencil to paper with a passion for drawing a picture. In the drawing, the children could use a wide range of different mediums. Quite a few of them may not be familiar with the technique required to use a pencil or charcoal. The pencil is a traditional drawing medium for basic illustrations.

The term drawing is the art of shapes fitting in each other. The main reason for this is to make use of the imagination in developing the artistic view. Drawing is very much related to visual arts like painting, designing, and sculpture. Drawing makes use of different forms like lines, curves, figures, colors, and figures. Drawing is a method that comes naturally to many children. All they need to get started is a subject that inspires them and something to draw with. However, drawing exams for kids can be beneficial, if only to give children confidence in their creative abilities and produce a portfolio of their work.


Drawing Workbooks

The student needs to correct their mistakes and fix the same in them to improve in their drawings. This can be done by practicing in the Olympiad drawing workbook. By practicing in this workbook, the students will learn different types of drawing techniques. By practicing in this workbook, students can try to improve their drawing. Also, by appearing for IDO, they can test their skills on a global and national level. Through all these activities, students will be able to overcome their weaknesses in drawing skills.

One of the ways that students should try is to draw from real-life pieces and inspirations. Many people say that making drawings is easy but they are wrong. Drawing is not an easy activity but instead, it is a very difficult thing to do. By practicing through ITO's Drawing workbook, students can explore various drawing methods in a fun environment. Students from many schools have already practiced through these books and received benefits attached to them.


Drawing for class 7

It is a fact that learning through practice makes us perfect. In Olympiad Drawing for grade 7, students can learn how to draw various types of objects by practicing creating drawings. This learning method helps students in improving their art, coordination, and brain activities. 

All these methods are described to students through illustrations in books. Drawing for Class 7 helps them to learn a new way of drawing and different styles of designs. This book covers a wide range of topics from Indian architecture, birds, animals, plants to pencil sketches and a lot more. Drawing is an important part of growing up for kids. If children are not helped to develop their drawing skills at an early age, they will find it difficult to learn drawing at a grown-up age. Drawing for class 7 is meant to make up for this problem. This book is designed to help the kids to learn how to draw with ease. The main motive of this book is to make the students understand the concepts of drawing by guiding them through different simple techniques like shading, hatching, and many more.

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