International Science Olympiad Registration

Have you ever thought, why science is the most adorned subjects amongst students in the earlier staged of their learning? Be it the way zinc reacts with oxygen to produce zinc oxide, the magical change in the color of potassium permanganate from purple to pink when dissolved in water, the analysis of the plant tissue under a microscopic apparatus or to determine the density of solid by using a spring balance and a measuring cylinder, all of this just seems very intriguing and almost heroic, especially to an adolescent. The very pragmatic and realistic way of working of science as a subject from the very beginning makes it so popular amongst students.

With practicality comes new ways of asking questions and seeking answers to them, enhancing child’s resourcefulness, particularly his/her goal setting and problem-solving skills. 

What also makes science sought-after are the new inventions and its ongoing nature. The ceaseless possibilities of the subject perpetuate the curiosity in students which feeds their intellectual curiosity. Science improves brain work and boosts logical thinking capabilities in turn sharpening minds.

The whole idea of Olympiad is based on studying concepts deeply with a wholistic understanding which is in juxtaposition with the Rote-learning or By-heart method which these days are very popular amongst students. Rote learning, though easier, is not reliable and is not meant for knowledge gaining or conceptual clarity but just for clearing a certain test or grade.


Indian talent Olympiad is an organization aspiring to make Olympiads more student friendly, easier to participate and widespread. Not only does it provide for good quality content in the exams but also guides the subscribers in winning laurels on an international comparative platform. With the help of the navigations on the site interface users can easily browse through their requirements.

The organization conducts International Science Olympiad (ISO) which is an all-encompassing global Olympiad based on science. Students from schools all over the world can take part in it through the website. The registrations for it is now open.

Students from the grades of 6th to 10th can take part. The syllabus of the exam is paralleled with the existing school curriculum to make sure that it aids in the understanding of student rather than putting pressure. Topics gradually advance in convolution and joining at an early-stage conditions the student to engage in higher level thinking skills.

Indian talent Olympiad not just conducts the exam but also help in baking up the students with workbooks, question papers which reduces their stress on searching the authentic material. Workbooks have student friendly language, designed by experts, containing questions with explanations which helps the student to comprehend question with concepts in the best way possible. The material, workbooks as well as previous year question papers, can be bought from the official site. Users can see sample of the material from the site to proofread and analyze the content available.


The exams are conducted monthly and annually.

The Annual exams are conducted twice a year, in December and February. The Annual Olympiads consists of 35 questions for class 1 to class 4 and 50 questions for class 5 to class 10. The international Science Olympiad lasts for 45 minutes. The online exams can be taken any time between 10:00 and 6:00 pm. Offline exams are conducted in a more traditional pen and paper form, from within the school premise.

Monthly exams are conducted for maximum practice. They are conducted every month through online mode only. These exams can be taken by students through any electronic device from the comfortable environment of their home.  The test duration for the Monthly tests is 25 minutes per test. Being an online test, it includes features such as audio recording, video recording, image capture, and eyeball recognition. These elements ensure complete transparency in the exam. These exams are the most consistent and inhibit lethargic and procrastinating attitude from entering students.

The Talent Olympiad have selected its team through much deliberation and have an array of professionals who specialize in different tasks of conducting exams, preparing question papers, and managing the target age group both in a professional and affectionate manner. The question paper is set in a way which escalate understanding of applied sciences like Chemistry, Biology and Physics in a comprehensive way.

International Science Olympiad (ISO) helps the child and the guardian to identify child’s talent and motivates the child to aspire for best results. The provision of the ranking system increases child’s confidence to further test his knowledge and provides an incentive to work towards improving self-analytical and reasoning abilities which help them in latter competitive exams.  With the help of video feedback provided by professional teachers it makes the entire process of taking part in the Olympiad worthwhile and trains student to become better day by day.

With the unforeseen emergence of the pandemic i.e., novel corona virus(covid-19), children not getting the opportunity to experience school environment, Indian Talent Olympiad provides its subscribers to a user-friendly technology, were in registration, online tests, result analysis, ranking etc. can be performed through easy navigation on the site

Apart from the Indian science Olympiad the organization also conducts Olympiads in different subjects like Math, general knowledge, English, Computer, Drawing, Essay writing and Social studies. Almost every individual can find the subject of his/her interest and take part.


With the emergence of Robotics and advance forms of artificial intelligence science has become one of the most admiral subjects of the budding aspirants. Reducing human efforts through machines, operating an entire industry through simple pressing of buttons, and now even travelling in flying cars, are not just tech-savvy television shows, but reality of the present.

If used in the right direction and in correct way, knowledge can be the strongest undefeated weapon which stays with us till the end. meaningful knowledge can be used as an armor against any unforeseen obstacles in the future. Thus, training from the very beginning is necessary.

In today’s dynamic reality, Olympiad’s act as ways to unleash the unlimited powers of the budding brain to reach greater unknown and mysterious heights.