Is appearing for Olympiad beneficial?

By Tushar On November 21, 2020 In Olympiad, olympiad exams

Is appearing for Olympiad Beneficial

Olympiad are competitive exams held at the national and international level that gives exposure to students to present their skills and knowledge while competing with other deserving students. It makes them ready to face other competitive exams in the future that acts as preparation ground for them to face all challenges.

There are various types of Olympiad exams that are held in India the most prominent ones are – International Science Olympiad (ISO), International Maths Olympiad (IMO), English International Olympiad (EIO), General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO), International Computer Olympiad (ICO), International Drawing Olympiad (IDO), National Essay Olympiad (NESO) and National Social Studies Olympiad (NSSO).

All Olympiad are based on the respective standard school curriculum and have different syllabus, learning materials and exams according to them. The Olympiad exams are held by various independent organizations in India and abroad. Students willing to participate in them have to do through their respective their school who help them with the entire registration and examination process. All schools have associations with these organizations and the respective subject teacher assists them with the entire process.

Appearing for an Olympiad and have coming out with flying colours is not an easy task. Although the syllabus is based on the respective board school syllabus, students thinking to appear for the Olympiad exam need to go the extra mile and put extra effort to prepare beyond the regular school curriculum. However, doing that hard work and extra push is definitely worth it as appearing for Olympiad is always beneficial not just in performing for that particular subject but overall, in the long run. Students who take part in Olympiad at an early age get an edge over others to leverage their skill sets.

There are various benefits of appearing for the Olympiad. Here we have listed a few of them:

Showcase Your Skills: Olympiad as an international platform gives an opportunity to all the students to showcase their skills and talent in the subject in which the student performs the best. This allows him or her to present their knowledge at par with others and be rewarded for his innovations and talent.

Comprehensive Understanding: Every student who is aspiring to give Olympiad exams for Maths, Science and English and other exams can establish their fundamentals with the vast resources of study materials like workbooks and mock test series which helps them to get an in-depth understanding.

Improvement in School Grades: The biggest benefit or advantage of participating in the Olympiad is that the students get to score well in the Olympiad exams and also get to improve their results in the school or board examinations. The preparation for these exams includes conceptual understanding and ensure the students learn the subjects with detailed research.

Boosts Reasoning Ability: Students giving Olympiad exams need to sharpen their logical reasoning and analytical ability and inculcate towards a better understanding. Since the Olympiad syllabus involves a lot of practical examples and situation-based learning, they get a lot of exposure to brainstorm newer concepts and learn more problem-solving skills and overall development.

Provides Wide Exposure: As stated above, Olympiad exams are held by various organizations and every student can get the chance to participate in them. They provide a wide exposure as these students can participate in state, national and international levels.

Recognition for Extraordinary Talent: Olympiad is one of the biggest platforms to identify young talents and bring out the best in them. These exams find out the best students and hone their talents since the students go through a rigorous schedule to prepare so well for their exams.

Gives Added Knowledge: The Olympiad exams held for various important subjects like Maths, Science and English, General Knowledge are the fundamentals for future competitive exams. It gives exposure to students to gain added knowledge and a chance to flourish in the careers of their choice. Many times, student find subjects interesting when they challenge themselves to step outside their comfort zone and acquire extra knowledge in those subjects with more examples.

Builds Confidence in Students: Appearing for Olympiad gives self-confidence in students and helps them to work hard and achieve their goals. As students get to compete with all other credible students who are equally competent and hard-working and are of the same caliber at a national and international level. This goes a long way to build confidence in the students to boost their overall performance in further studies and career.

With a little bit of extra effort and a routine schedule of studies, students can manage to prepare well to score good results in their Olympiad examinations.  They are perfect ground to test a student’s practical understanding of the subject and also help them to work on their weakness points to turn them into strengths and be a master in their particular subject. It is beneficial for the students as they learn to start thinking in different perspectives in which the topics taught can be applied to different scenarios.

Most parents and students sometimes think that Olympiad is an additional responsibility without realizing how it can actually help to shape your child’s future in the long run and also imbibes the tendency to find solutions to problems in every situation in life. Instead, Olympiad exams should never be taken as a burden, rather it should be taken as a unique chance which is going to be useful for clearing any examinations related to that subject in the future. Hence, parents and teachers must encourage students to participate in the Olympiad exams.

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