ISO International Science Olympiad To Be Conducted Online This Year

The Indian Talent Olympiad organizes the International Science Olympiad to encourage the student to have a deeper understanding pertaining to the subject and for the enthusiasts to work on their passion. Olympiads are highly competitive but equally or more rewarding in terms of learning, growth, exposure, guidance and much more. Science intrigues one and the subject has much scope in a variety of fields, it closely knits together branches of knowledge pertaining to different fields, keeps things relevant and interesting. Science Olympiads happen to be the best opportunities for the ones who have an interest in the subject, to put their knowledge to the test so that they can evaluate their work besides growing with proper guidance.


Olympiads are subject-specific, held nationally or internationally to provide students with a platform to showcase their work and talents and associated benefits include :

  • Opportunity to keep in touch with academic syllabus via practice.
  • Exposure to a questions variety to help improve performance.
  • Boosts student’s confidence through tests and self-evaluation.
  • Availability of useful, student-friendly, practical educational resources for the enrolled students to improve upon their understanding of a subject.
  • Olympiads shape and sharpens a child’s mental skills, involving logical thinking and analytical skills of reasoning, comprehension and more.
  • Students learn to improve upon time management skills, which plays a major role when it comes to competitive exams.
  • The MCQ pattern helps better prepare for future competitive exam preparation.
  • Any student can participate irrespective of educational boards for the syllabus for exams followed by ITO corresponds to student’s academic Olympiads also help ease a student into an exam environment.
  • The tests also help students understand the exam and associated environment better perform in it.
  • Detailed exam reports help students to improve.
  • A certificate is provided to all participating students which add to the student’s profile and holds much value.


The Indian Talent Olympiad has been organizing Olympiads all over India for over a span of eight-plus years, ITO has an experience of having worked with more than 33,175 schools and millions of students across the nation, thus has reasonably become one of the nation’s best organizers of Olympiads, conducting the tests in both online as well as offline mode. But given the current adverse situation of the pandemic, the International Science Olympiad has been shifted to the online mode, to ensure the prevention of disease transmission and ensure student’s safety. The organization is well versed with all the processes involved and the finer details have been taken care of, thud ITO diligently continues to function in these difficult times to make the learning experience easier for the willing students. 

ITO keeps adapting in order to best serve the students with quality educational content, and to cater to their diverse interests and to challenge them, to let them grow in the process of things as they improve using the given resources. The Olympiads offered by ITO is stated as follows:


  • International Science Olympiad (ISO)
  • International Maths Olympiad (IMO)
  • English International Olympiad (EIO)
  • General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO)
  • International Computer Olympiad (ICO)
  • International Drawing Olympiad (IDO)
  • National Essay Olympiad (NESO)
  • National Social Studies Olympiad (NSSO)


Some facts associated with the ISO registration are as follows:


  • Students of classes 1-10, students can participate in the Olympiad irrespective of their boards.
  • Registrations for the exam are open.
  •  The fee starts from Rs. 150, and the process is quite simple and user friendly. One can register individually or via their school for the exam.
  • The exams are conducted either monthly or annually, for a student to choose based upon their convenience.
  • The last dates of registrations are:


  •  Last date of registration from schools- 30th September 2021
  •  Last date of registration by individual students- 15th November 2021


  • All proceedings are carried out in English.
  • Registered students can avail a variety of educational material curated by experts, to guide them to learn and perform better in the exam. All resources including the exam papers are available online for easy access to all students via mobile, laptop, tablets and similar devices.
  • The syllabus of the exam aligns with the student's academic syllabus, based on their class, irrespective of their educational board and can be availed for the respective subject on the website site itself.
  • Mock tests are available for the registered students to prepare them for participation in exams in the near future.
  • The ISO is held in two tiers, that is, a participant has to clear one round of exams, then move to the second round and post it the results are announced, details are available on the website.
  • The Overall Question Paper Patterns can be availed on the official website.
  • The results and associated details can be notified via texts or emails, upon registration, besides the update on the official website.


We eagerly await your participation and wish you health. Warm regards!

Direct support can be availed by contacting at 1800 266 9192

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