Know more about ISO Science Olympiad

Science intrigues many, encourages them to learn and amazes them with the numerous possibilities, the subject has much to offer and much to explore, hence it does not come as a surprise that it happens to be among the most beloved subjects of a student. The fact that science in itself is branched into a variety of topics and associated with many fields adds to its importance and value. It is for this reason that one finds much joy and satisfaction in learning and understanding the subject well, be it physics, chemistry, biology, associated mathematics, it’s all connected and the perfect choice for those who want to excel in fields more than one. The field also provides a vast range of career options to an individual, be it that of a researcher, scientist, on-field expert, data-science engineer to that of a medical expert or a technical expert.


The current times have seen rapid development in this field, we have been learning understanding and growing at an incredible pace, compared to all the eras that humans have lived through. The medical system has been saving lives, the technical development has caused globalization, made our lives relatively comfortable, facilitated transportation, communication, brought the world a little closer, agricultural developments have been commendable for the population has been surging. Hence it can be simply stated that Science as a subject has great potential and much to offer, so if one is interested in it, they are taking a step towards contributing to the whole of mankind, besides obviously providing for themselves and their dear ones in the best of ways.


It is for these very students that the Indian Talent Olympiad organizes the International Science Olympiad. An exam specifically put together to test a student’s understanding of the very basic of the subject and its associated topics. The paper and resources are put together with much care to provide the student with only the best educational resources.

Some benefits associated with undertaking an Olympiad are as follows:

  • The exam presents an opportunity to keep in touch with the student’s syllabus via practice, in the long run it greatly benefits ones academics.
  • Provides the participating students with exposure to a plethora of question types, which help them to improve their performance.
  • It boosts a student’s confidence for they learn to trust the efforts put in the process and involved skills by putting them to test and evaluation.
  • A variety of useful resources are made available for the registered students so that they can have a better understanding of a subject.
  • It helps shape and sharpens a child’s mental skills, like logical, analytical skills of reasoning, comprehension and so on.
  • An individual can work to improve upon their skills pertaining to time and stress management and accuracy which plays a crucial part when it comes to competitive exams.
  • The tests help inculcate a habit of regularity, practice and revision which adds to their academics in the best way possible.
  • A team of expert professionals curate the distributed resources keeping in mind, the student’s educational level, syllabus and understanding with an aim to maximize their learning benefit, which puts them ahead of their peers, when subjected to a test , the difference can be clearly noted .
  • The syllabus for exams followed for an Olympiad is at par with student’s academic syllabus irrespective of their boards, so that any willing candidate can participate in the exam and they hence benefit their regular academics.
  • The Olympiads help a student learn much about an exam environment.
  • The Olympiads also help students get used to the exam associated environment to help them learn to work in order to overcome it.
  • Olympiads also provide the students with exposure as well as a platform for them to showcase their talents.
  • Students receive much valuable feedback from experts in the field to help improve upon their work.
  • The students are also provided with a detailed exam report to make use of, improvise and grow from thereon.
  • All participating students are rewarded with a certificate of great value, which adds to the academic and educational profile.

The basic facts related to International Science Olympiad are as follows:

  • Eligibility- The exams are open to all students of classes 1-10, students can participate in the Olympiad irrespective of their boards.
  • RegistrationRegistrations for the exam are now open. The associated fee starts from as little as Rs. 150, one can register individually or via their school for the exams which are held in both offline as well as online mode, conducted either monthly or annually, so a student can choose from either based upon their convenience. The last dates of registrations are:

ü Last date of registration from schools- 30th September 2021

ü Last date of registration by individual students- 15th November 2021


  • Language- All processes are carried out in English.
  • Resources-Various curated resources are available for the students, to learn with, these include previous year’s papers, sample papers, model test papers and structured workbooks that are frequently updated, the topics included are discussed chapter wise emphasizing upon important points and such, mock tests and model papers have been made available as well. All resources including the exam papers are available online for easy access to all students via mobile, laptop, tablets and similar devices.
  • Syllabus – the syllabus of the exam aligns with the student's academic syllabus, based on their class, irrespective of their educational board.
  • Pattern-The Olympiads are set in an MCQ format to help the students get used to the paper pattern, to prepare them for participation in competitive exams in the near future. The ISO is held in two tiers, that is, a participant has to clear one round of exams, then move to the second round and post it the results are announced. The exam puts to test the student’s knowledge on different topics of physics, chemistry, and biology. A further detailed glance into the exam pattern can now be availed on the official website of ITO.
  • Results- The results of the test/s can be easily availed on the official portal, by entering the roll number of the student, based upon the specific dates provided for the same. All related information would be available on the same page.
  • Rewards- ITO believes in rewarding effort and hard work, students are rewarded based on their merit, further details associated with it can be found on the official page of ITO.


ITO sees thousands of bright budding minds every year who take this opportunity to showcase their talent and gain many benefits not only in terms of development and learning but also in case of academics for the process of things only serve to improve upon their existing skills that they can make use of in the academics itself. This is your opportunity. We eagerly await your participation. Warm regards!


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