Know the significance of Olympiad exams for your child’s future

By Tushar on January 9, 2021, In benefits of olympiad exams

Know the significance of Olympiad exams for your child’s future

Every parent always tries to provide the best for their kids and constantly encourages them to achieve new milestones. They feel proud whenever their child makes any small achievement and lookout for opportunities that can give their child the platform, they deserve to showcase their talent and abilities. Olympiad exams are the perfect platform for your child to work on their aptitude and trigger their interest in participating in competitive exams. There are numerous significances of Olympiad exams that help the children to build a strong perspective about various subjects thus enabling them to perform better in all aspects of life.

Olympiad is a competitive exam that is conducted by various renowned foundations in India and abroad. The syllabus of these exams is based on the curriculum of CBSE, ICSE and respective major state boards. Appearing for Olympiad helps your child to develop a new skill-set and thinking outside the box so that they can apply the learned concepts in different situations and be prepared to questions which they may not have learned directly from books.

Olympiads are highly challenging as it improves your aptitude and competitive spirit among students and grows confidence in them. Here are a few important factors of Olympiad exams that we have listed down below to give you a better understanding of how it can your child’s future:

Boosts Analytical Thinking: The traditional textbook learning does not give much scope to learn new concepts and practical examples to children beyond the usual syllabus. However, to increase the problem-solving, analytical or logical reasoning, competitive exams like the Olympiad is necessary to help students to boost analytical thinking and teach them how to apply their learnings in a real-life scenario. These competitive exams are a gateway through which students can increase their speed, accuracy and time management skills when they appear for future competitive exams.

Brings Out Hidden Talent & Strengths: All children have some hidden talent and strengths which may not come during their regular course of interaction with their parents or teachers. Olympiad as a platform helps to discover that and encourages them to present it by participating in the exams. It also gives a strong opportunity for parents to identify their child’s strengths and nurture them in the right direction so that they can be used in the best manner. All students get equal opportunity to show their aptitude and talent at the national and international levels as they compete with equally talented students of their caliber.

Gives Experience and Exposure: Enrolling your child in Olympiad in a way means that you are exposing them to a new world. If your child performs well, it is very likely that they may get many rewards or even scholarships for pursuing advanced mathematics or advanced scientific research. This experience and exposure will open up a road to new avenues for your child and he or she can perform extremely in his academic and professional career.

Drives Motivation for Competitive Exams: Competing on such a large platform motivates students to work harder and achieve the best results. Studying for Olympiad encourages logical thinking in your child and drives your child towards the right path in their career. Once your child appears and scores well in Olympiad exams, he will gain immense confidence in the subject as well as their overall academic performance.

Improves Overall Academic PerformanceOlympiad exam gives an opportunity for students to sharpen their skills. They prepare the children to tackle and solve a number of problems at a level they may not encounter in their regular school classroom schedule. Hence, students, it helps students to improve their academic performance and score better results in their school and board examinations that acts as a stepping stone for pursuing the career of their choice. As students gain a thorough understanding of concepts, they also learn to apply them in other topics and perform well in them too.

Provides Access to a Big Platform: In today’s times, the academic scenario has become much more competitive than it was a few years ago. With the vast number of immense opportunities available and tough competition among students to secure the best position for themselves in their careers, students need to have a strong academic performance and a strong profile to get successful in their future endeavors. Olympiad is a big platform that gives opportunities to students from Class 1 to 10 to participate and showcase their talent at state, national and international levels. Apart from getting rewards and medals, a good rank in Olympiad also helps the students to secure admissions in many top universities of their choice.

Gives Additional KnowledgeOlympiad exam gives a chance to students to refine their skills. Students gain additional knowledge and early exposure to competition and learning which also helps them to learn to write answers in a confident manner. If your child appears for such exams from a young age then it will go a long way to sharpen their minds.

Strengthens Confidence of Students: Most children remain shy and introvert in their initial younger years. If they are not encouraged and given support properly with full care and attention, then they might not be able to open up themselves and remain within themselves. This may create hurdles for them in the future and prevent them from taking up tasks and challenges later in life. Hence it is very important to help them build self-confidence to face everything, learn new things and keep developing their skill set. Hence students should be motivated to participate in Olympiad exams from younger age itself.

Excelling in Olympiad exams will boost the confidence of students and enable them to expand their horizons and learning goals. Participating in such an exam and representing their country at a national or international level gives a sense of achievement and satisfaction to the students which is indeed the best reward and driving factor of motivation for them.