List of Olympiad Exams in India

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List of Olympiad Exams in Indian Talent Olympiad

Olympiad exams are school level competitive exams conducted through different organizations in India, as well as abroad. There are several players in the market that offer these exams to students. The motive of all these organizations is to bring the best out of each child. The syllabus for these exams are as per prescribed guidelines of CBSE, ICSE and other State boards respectively. Thus, students who participate in these exams, stand a bright chance to score well in their school exams as well. One of the biggest advantage of this exam is that it tests students’ potential and performance with others across the country.

Gone are the days of rote-learning. Today, the focus of Indian education system is on concept and knowledge. Students’ needs have changed with changing times. With the advancement of technology, the education sector has witnessed a great deal of innovations. Olympiad exams too focus on two aspects of learning. The first being concept and the second being knowledge. The kind of questions asked in exams enhance analytical thinking and creative abilities of all participants. They are exposed to logical reasoning questions that enables them to think out of the box and find the right answer. These exams ensure brainstorming activities are conducted at regular levels. The list of Olympiad exams in India are plenty. One of the well-known institutes offering Olympiad exams in India are is Indian Talent Olympiad.

Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO) is a popular Olympiad organization that conducts offline as well as online Olympiad exams for students from class 1 to class 10. It has a team of distinguished personalities on the panel, P.T Usha Madam, being its advisory committee head. Students can opt for exams in subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science, General Knowledge, Social Studies, and Computers. Two unique exams conducted by ITO is the drawing Olympiad and Essay Olympiad. The center conducts online weekly Olympiad test series and provides digital certificates as well. Students can participate in the online practice tests for all subjects for thorough understanding of concepts.

There are many exams students can involve themselves as they enter class 1.

Let us look at the list of Olympiad exams students can participate in:

International Science Olympiad – Popularly known ISO, is a science Olympiad exam for students from class 1 to class 10. It tests their scientific ability, application of technical concepts in the simplest way possible. Science being the most competitive subject, opens its doors to variety of career options. It allows students to explore and master fundamentals.

International Maths Olympiad – Also called IMO, this is one of the most loved subject for those interested in Mathematics and also for those who want to remove the fear of numbers. Students who practice different questions as part of Olympiad exams, find it easy to attempt school exams. It develops confidence to tackle tricky problems.

English International Olympiad – This exam helps students to increase their vocabulary. Students who attempt English Olympiad master writing skills. It goes a long way in developing good written as well as verbal communication. The exam provides a good hold on basic grammar, phrases, comprehension and sentence variation techniques.

General Knowledge International Olympiad – The GK Olympiad tests students’ general awareness on various topics. It includes current topics, politics, history, geography, civics, sports, entertainment and lot more. It is one of the most important aspects that determines students’ aptitude. Knowledge from different worlds increases their intelligence.

International Computer Olympiad (ICO) – Tech lovers stem through information and technology. One of the most sought after subjects in today’s times; Computer Olympiads gives the perfect base for future techies. Right from hardware to software, coding to de-coding, encryption to decryption and cyber related questions are included in this exam.

International Drawing Olympiad (IDO) – This exam is offered by Indian Talent Olympiad. It tests students drawing capabilities. The perfect strokes, color combinations, imagination and a unique blend of style is included in this exam. It gives way to creativity. It allows students to showcase their talents.

National Essay Olympiad (NESO) – Indian Talent Olympiad is the only organization to conduct this exam. NESO makes students proficient in essay writing. This improves their writing efficiency, which is used later on in all walks of life. Writing is an innate ability that requires constant polishing. The more students write, the better it becomes eventually.

National Social Studies Olympiad (NSSO) – This exam builds knowledge in subjects like history, civics, politics and social science. Students who plan to enter government services or civil services benefit the most from this exam. It opens their thinking horizon and knowledge in day-to-day developments around us.

Although there are several Olympiad organizations to choose from, students along with parents must take an informed decision before enrolling for these exams. Some pointers that they may check is facility of online exam, unlimited practice papers, online assessment, digital certifications, rewards & recognitions, study material in the form of workbooks, and previous year’s question papers with solutions. Indian Talent Olympiad is one such organization that fulfills all the required criteria to ensure to give the best education to students.

List of Olympiad exams in India are many. Deciding the right one is up to the discretion of parents. Olympiad exams do not really test students’ memory or the power to recall facts; instead it focuses on clarifying basic concepts. Studying a day or two before the day of exam does not help the child in any way. That is why, it is essential for parents to understand the importance of practicing regularly for scoring well in Olympiads. Indian Talent Olympiad provides regular practice tests so that students are in touch with subjects on a daily basis. It offers comprehensive practice material that students can use at their own pace.

Olympiad exams instill the habit of independent learning. Children must be allowed to choose for themselves. If they are given the chance to opt for Olympiads in subjects of their choice, they naturally develop interest and give their best. The ability to perform well in something of personal interest is a natural quality. Such children become better decision-makers of tomorrow. It is not right to spoon feed education in the young minds. Instead, a helping hand is what they require. Parental support and correct guidance shapes children’s future. Olympiad exams identify intrinsic qualities required to compete in today’s world. It makes students proficient and confident to face all challenges in the future. It is the most trusted, diagnostic and a comprehensive tool to measure understanding. If you are looking for an Olympiad center for your child, call Indian Talent Olympiad today, and leave the rest to us.

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