Math Olympiad Books for All Classes

By Tushar On May 2, 2020

Olympiad Maths Exam is a national level competition conducted in two rounds. The first round tests students’ abilities on basic knowledge of the subject, whereas the second round is the advanced level. Students who qualify the first round are promoted to the next round. It is conducted by several organizations in the country. One of the most trusted center for Olympiads is the Indian Talent Olympiad. Headquartered in Mumbai, it has a team of experts who devise content, question papers, and workbooks for the exam. The team believes in imparting best standards of education to all those who have enrolled for Olympiads. It strives to maintain transparency at highest levels. Teachers encourage students to participate in large numbers of this exam.

The skill to excel in Maths Olympiad can be achieved only when students master problem solving techniques. The exam pattern is completely different from school exams. Although the syllabus is the same as prescribed by school, Olympiad exams are conducted using multiple choice pattern only. All questions have options to choose from. At times, this might confuse students. Teachers recommend students to use Math Olympiad books to practice not only for Olympiads but also for regular school exams. The objective of this exam is to ensure basic concepts are clear from a young age. After all, Maths is one subject that requires students to gain control over problems. Apart from questions related to the subject, there are logical reasoning questions asked in all Olympiads. This section ensures students engage in brainstorming exercises.

Advantages of Practicing through Math Olympiad Books

Students immensely benefit from books prescribed for Maths Olympiad. It helps them to:

  • Acquaint themselves with different difficult questions
  • Practice for upcoming school exams
  • Explore different types of questions asked in Olympiads
  • Provide basic groundwork for practice
  • Develop thinking capacity among students
  • Remove fear of Mathematics
  • Identify areas where students might require extra attention
  • Analyze their position among the other participants
  • Familiarize students with past year question papers
  • Solve numerous questions that may not be covered in school textbooks

Parents often fear that Olympiad exams may burden the child some way or the other. This does not hold to be true. In fact, students who are exposed to such exams since a young age, find it very easy to attempt national competitions. As they enter higher education, it becomes easy for them to solve variety of tricky questions. Some of the areas in which students can increase proficiency through Math Olympiad books are number theory problems, number theory structures, algebra, trigonometry, triangles, areas, geometry, functional equations, inequalities and so on. Thorough practice in different problems increases students’ expertise in the subject. Olympiad exams not only improve students’ interest and aptitude but also enhances thinking capacity. It makes them better problem-solvers of tomorrow. It encourages practical education as compared to theoretical learning. Although, theory is important to understand the basic concepts covered in Mathematics, students who attempt Olympiad Maths exam are able to apply the same concepts, in all questions to identify the right answer. These exams have become the need of the hour. It has gained immense popularity as it aims to bring the best out of every child. Enroll your child for Olympiads today.