Mistakes to Avoid While Writing an Essay for Olympiad

Essay writing topics in English

An essay seems to be an easy thing in school, but it needs to be accurate when it is being written for Olympiads. Mistakes should be avoided as much as possible. That can only be done by practicing essay writing topics in English. Practice will help the students to write on various topics easily and improve their mistakes. So here we have listed some of the mistakes to avoid when writing an essay for Olympiad.


Don’t Repeat the Introduction

An introduction to the essay is the first thing a reader will read. And it gives an idea of what will be discussed at length further in the essay. Students should introduce the topic once, and that’s it. There is no need to repeat it in the conclusion, the ending paragraph of the essay.

For example, when students write an essay on a political leader, first they introduce the personality, write about their life and important events and then end it with what can be learned.


Don’t Write a Difficult Essay

An essay requires a good amount of information to write, but that doesn’t mean it should be a lot. The sentences should be easy to read and extra words should be avoided to add information. They have to represent the main idea of the topic with clarity and easy understanding. Long sentences should be avoided, as it makes the reader difficult to understand the sentence. Use clear and simple easy to understand vocabulary with the right information.


Don’t Forget the Transition in Paragraphs

A good essay in English should have a smooth transition between the paragraphs. Two different paragraphs should have different information, but the main idea should be instilled in them. The next paragraph should look like a continuation of the previous one.


Don’t Misspell Any Words

Spelling mistake is one of the most common amongst the students. The student might not have noticed, but it needs to be taken care of at the earliest. They should practice essay writing and avoid mistakes. The practice should be done as much as possible to improve their attention span on spelling. Sometimes words with similar sounds can also lead to spelling mistakes. Ensure they know the difference between two spellings and their meaning to avoid further confusion.


Don’t Make Grammatical Errors

Grammar is the most important aspect of writing an essay with a correct sentence and correct words. Students should practice nouns, verbs, adverbs, pronouns, adjectives, conjunctions, tenses, the figure of speech and various other topics to keep the essay at its best. They can get a book for grammar, read it and practice to avoid errors.

Practicing daily and improving on these aspects will prepare the students for any essay writing topics in English. Introduce the students to a wide range of essay topics from difficult to easy ones. Improve their writing skills and they will easily crack the Olympiads.

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