Olympiad As A Status Symbol For Parents And Students

Olympia as a status symbol for parents and students

We live in a world where change and competition are ever pertaining and improving, hence parents seek to provide their child with the best of resources for an opportunity at having a bright future. They aim to provide their ward with the edge over their peers, which is one of the main reasons why Olympiads have recently become a status symbol. It can be justified for the Olympiads to happen to be one of those exams that students can voluntarily choose to appear for in order to enhance their pertaining understanding in a subject or more that interest them. 
Olympiad’s are aimed to provide students with various benefits, students get to not only learn in-depth about a subject but it also greatly helps with their academics, provides them with a proper introduction to the competitive exam routine preparation and other information required for them to know in order to perform well.
The Indian Talent Olympiad happens to be one of the nation’s most renowned Olympiad organizers for over eight years. It has worked across the country to reach to students to support them and provide them educational resources to gain an edge and understand a subject of their interest in a better way, such that they can showcase their skills on this national platform and stand an opportunity to make a difference as they learn better, understand better, receive constructive feedback, certifications that greatly matter besides obvious exciting rewards and aspire to improve and work in the field.
ITO has worked with over 36,000 schools across the nation and millions of students who aspire to learn and make a difference. These bright young minds are the citizens of tomorrow hence ITO understands the responsibility to provide them with the best of resources, thus strives to improve every day, trying to cater to their diverse interests. The organization provides the students with an option to choose from eight different Olympiad’s. 
•    International Science Olympiad (ISO)

•    International Maths Olympiad (IMO)

•    English International Olympiad (EIO)

•    General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO)

•    International Computer Olympiad (ICO)

•    International Drawing Olympiad (IDO)

•    National Essay Olympiad (NESO)

•    National Social Studies Olympiad (NSSO)
Students can choose the subjects besides the suitable time slot when choosing to prepare for a monthly or annual Olympiads depending upon their convenience. As mentioned above the Olympiad’s come with various benefits which make it one of the most sought after exams here is an overview of the benefits that the students gain when choosing to appear for this exam:
•    One is provided with exposure to the environment of competitive exams related rules regulations and various other decorum that need to be understood in order to participate and perform in the test.

•    Students get confident about their approach towards examinations which helps them perform well.

•    It adds to the student’s academics as well besides helping them improve upon regular academics.

•    The students get exposure to a variety of different questions which are relevant to the subject of interest which greatly help add to their knowledge of the subject.

•    The exams help shape and sharpen the students logical, analytical skills as well as reasoning and overall approach to an examination.

•    Students learn to improve upon skills related to time management and they get to work on their accuracy, these factors play a crucial part when it comes to participation in competitive exams.

•    Olympiads allow one to practice and prepare oneself for future competitions hence it prevents the students from being overwhelmed when faced with advanced competitions. 

•    The students are provided with a detailed exam report for them to gain feedback for their performance so that they can improve thereon.

•    All students are provided with a certificate of great value which improves the student’s profile.

•    All students can choose to gain access to specifically curated resources which benefits their participation in the examination and greatly add to their knowledge because these resources are curated by professionals and experts aimed to provide the student with an impactful learning experience.
Some more facts to know about Olympiads by ITO are:
•    Any willing student can choose to appear for an examination held by the Indian Talent Olympiads, the tests are open to students of classes 1 to 10.

•    The exams are being conducted in both offline and online mode, registrations to which are currently open.

•    When choosing to participate in the Olympiad with ITO, the registration fee starts with a mere amount of Rs.150.

•    The registration process is quite simple and user-friendly should one require assistance, that can also be made available.

•    Exams would be conducted both monthly and annual a student can choose based on their convenience.

•    All examinations are conducted in English as the common language.

•    The syllabus for the examination are available at the official website of ITO to further ease student’s preparation regarding the exam.

•    The pattern for the question paper can be availed on the official website as well.

•    The exam includes questions based on figures, series completion, odd one out, alphabetical order testing and much more.

•    The complexity of the questions provided in the paper depends upon the student’s grade hence the questions are prepared considering their knowledge, ability of reasoning and further capacity.

•    ITO provides the students with various resources like video classes, mock test, online tests, scoreboards and more to help them keep a track of the progress and revision in due course of time so that they can perform well in the examination.

•    The results are declared on the official website itself with all details being made available on the portal between given dates.


The organization looks forward to adapting itself to better serve the students. We look forward to working with the budding individuals!

Best wishes and warmest of our regards!

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