Olympiad exam of Maths for Young Minds

By Tushar on May 4, 2020 In Mathematics Olympiad, Olympiad exam of Maths for Young Minds

International Maths Olympiad is an exam conducted at global levels. It provides a platform to students from different countries to participate and compete with one another. It brings laurels to the country, and the school apart from increasing student’s self-confidence. Students from all boards can participate in this exam. The syllabus is the same as prescribed by respective schools. Thus, the questions asked are based on school curriculum. To prepare for this exam students must ensure that basic concepts are clear. It is open for class 1 to class 10. It is one of the best ways to test child’s mathematical prowess. Students get to know where they stand at national and global levels. It acts as a catalyst to motivate students to give their best in any exam they take in life.

Advantages of Appearing for Olympiad Exam of Maths

Teachers have identified several benefits for students interested to participate in Maths Olympiad. Some of them include:

  • Assesses students on what is being taught in class, thus increases their retention power
  • Analyses the strong points and weak points of students
  • Provides better insights into topics taught in class
  • Identifies areas in which students require revision or more practice
  • Helps to mingle with geniuses from other schools
  • Encourages healthy competition from a small age
  • Improves mathematical skills of children

There are several organizations in India that conduct Olympiad exam of Maths. One such profound center is Indian Talent Olympiad, which has been in competition since the year 2012. It has spread its wings to students from schools across the country. It leaves no stone unturned in giving the best possible education to its students. Schools need to enroll themselves before allowing students to participate in this exam. Registered schools can then send names of interested students to the center. The exams are conducted within the school itself.

Parents often worry that Olympiad exams do more harm than good to children. However, the fact remains that when a child is exposed to national exams, he/she understands the standards of competition. It becomes very clear what is expected from each child. The questions asked in Olympiad exams are always tricky. This requires students to have excellent problem solving abilities. It increases mental capacity, thus ensures brain exercises are regularly conducted for young minds. Olympiad exam conducts exams using multiple choice pattern. Each question has options to choose from. At times, these options may confuse the learner, which is why immense practice is essential before taking part in Olympiad exam of Maths.

Indian Talent Olympiad provides workbooks that are rich in content as per school syllabus. The content is designed by a team of professionals who understand students’ needs. It provides them an opportunity to answer different types of questions. It is the best way to ensure revision, especially before their academic exams. It encourages maximum practice before final exams. These books help students to study for their school exam as well. It also provides mock tests, and previous year’s question papers to understand the type of question asked in Olympiads. Encouraging students to participate in Olympiad exam of Maths is one of the best ways to develop love for the subject, improve proficiency in arithmetic and enhance students’ self-confidence.

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