Olympiad of Mathematics Tests True Potential

By Tushar On April 28, 2020

Olympiad of Mathematics is a national level competition held for students from class 1 to class 10. This exam gives them an exposure to test their intellect in arithmetic. It helps students to identify their proficiency in the subject. It is conducted in two levels, where the first level tests students on basics of the subject, whereas the second level tests their knowledge on advanced concepts. Schools have to register with centers that offer Olympiad exams to allow students to participate in the same. Several schools consider these exams to be very important for holistic development of children. Teachers recommend students to take part in large numbers so that they become confident to answer difficult questions.

Indian Talent Olympiad is one of the premier organizations that conducts Olympiad exams. It has a team of professionals who are experts in different fields. Several schools have collaborated with Indian Talent Olympiad to bring out the best in every child. The organization believes that hard work is the key to success. All children are blessed with utmost talent, it is up to teachers and parents to show them the right path. Mathematics requires a lot of practice. Therefore, there are several workbooks available for students to understand the type of questions asked in the exam. The workbooks are designed by qualified mathematicians who understand students’ need. All Olympiad exams consist of multiple choice questions. Therefore, workbooks for these exams have multiple choice questions for practice. Each question explains the reason behind the right answer.

Benefits of Olympiad of Mathematics

Students who are exposed to Maths Olympiad from a young age, find it easy to attempt tricky questions at a later stage. This is because, Olympiad exams consists of complex questions. There are several benefits for students who attempt these exams. It helps them to:

  • Fight their fear for Mathematics
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in different topics
  • Work on areas that students find it difficult to study
  • Practice variety of questions that assists them to prepare for school exams as well
  • Enhance their thinking capacity
  • Improve analytical skills while they solve problems of different variants
  • Work on logical reasoning questions that play a crucial role in overall development

Maths Olympiad is a test of competence and knowledge of the subject. The syllabus for this exam is based on school curriculum. It is as per standards prescribed by different boards namely, State board, CBSE board, and ICSE board. Thus, students are not required to go overboard and fear this exam. It gives them additional information on the same topics taught in class. This stimulates their existing learning and allows them to aim for more. It inculcates self-study habits since a young age. Students judge themselves in a positive manner. It also makes them acquainted to challenges ahead. Olympiad of Mathematics enables students to delve deeper into concepts taught in class. Teachers recommend more and more students to participate in this exam. It motivates them to excel in the subject. It identifies various areas where they can improve. These exams not only help students who participate in Olympiads, but assists them to improve their academic score. It promotes students to unleash their potential and achieve new heights in education.