Olympiads Are Not As Hard As You Think


Competition can always be challenging but with the right amount of effort and strategy, it’s easy to ace any competition. The Olympiad exams are no different. The Olympiads are essentially subject focused exams that aim to bring out the student’s best helping them gain a better understanding of the application and practical side of a subject of their interest. The better one is informed about the fineries of the subject better chance that they have at finding the Olympiad exams more intriguing and interesting.

The India Talent Olympiad has experience of over eight years of organizing both online and offline Olympiads across the nation. The organization has worked with over 33,000 schools and millions of students across the nation, it presents them with you opportunity to showcase their skills and talents on a national platform, provides them with resources and with due effort, one can perform well so that they cannot only pursue a field of their interest but also gain and learn in a better way becoming more aware of the fields and the opportunities that are available for them to seek. The eight Olympiads ITO makes available for the students are:

•    International Science Olympiad (ISO)

•    International Maths Olympiad (IMO)

•    English International Olympiad (EIO)

•    General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO)

•    International Computer Olympiad (ICO)

•    International Drawing Olympiad (IDO)

•    National Essay Olympiad (NESO)

•    National Social Studies Olympiad (NSSO)

The National Entrepreneurship Olympiad (NEO) has been recently been organized as well!


Here are a few points as to how Olympiads exam can be easily cracked:
•    Know the syllabus: It is quite significant when it comes to the examination, hence students are advised to gain knowledge about the required syllabus for the Olympiad that they are choosing to appear for. When it comes to the Indian Talent Olympiad the related details can be availed at the official website of the organization and students are advised that they be well aware, for it has various benefits and one can visit the website to cross-check the syllabus available there to be better aware of selected topics, to get the idea of related questions to further eliminate doubt.
•    Preparing a schedule: Its vital for students these days for having a schedule allows one time for pre-planning of actions so that they can allot a slot to a set of designated activities which further lets them maintain an order and keep a track of their learning as they prepare for the examination. It prevents them from being overwhelmed and also stops the students from overworking themselves, the task that the students have can be further divided with proper breaks in between to help one to persevere for a longer time and gain productive results for the same.
•    Focusing and understanding: Student can be easily overwhelmed when one has to complete a given syllabus in a short period of time when it comes to exams hence it has been emphasized that students work in designated hours focusing on the work at hand understanding it better and then taking short breaks to relax, it prevents them from being worn out and allows them to retain information for a longer period of time and persevere through the process of preparation for the exam. Olympiads aim to test students understanding and practical approach to a subject hence, developing on the same proves to be quite beneficial for one. 
•    Gain knowledge of question paper: The knowledge of types of questions, marks distributions and paper pattern plays a pivotal role when it comes to examinations providing the students with an idea of the questions that they might have to face hence it makes it easy for them to prepare for the examination knowing the paper format and question types, it can be used to strategize for the exam in a proper way such that they can be up to date with relevant question types.
•    Practice and frequent revision: A dedicated schedule for practice can be the key to one’s success, it is a habit that one should strive to inculcate in order to have a meritorious performance in an Olympiad or any competitive exam in general, revisions can be great in order to help and retain the information over a longer period of time hence one should stick to these frequently. One can make use of resources that have been made available by the organization itself which include workbooks, model test paper, a compilation of previous year question papers, sample paper and more, this practice helps one consolidate their basic understanding adding to a students’ grasp upon the subject.
•    Solving previous year question papers: This proves to be of great help to students for it allows them to familiarize themselves with the kind of questions that they might have to tackle and come across when choosing to appear for the examination it also allows them to keep in touch with the regular practice and devise a suitable exam strategy and further enhance it.
•    Keeping a track of time a proper: Time management is quite useful for one to have when faced with challenges as competitive exams, it is something which can be greatly improved with time and practice and can be quite beneficial for an individual allowing them to keep pace with the progress, work on their accuracy and prevent last minute panic. ITO encourages students to keep a track of their progress and work upon this skill to perform well in competitive exams.
•    Self-assessment: It can play a great role in adding to the student’s confidence, suited for when one completes the provided syllabus, post revision and recapitulation the students can put their learning to test using online modules and features available online which helps them gain a better idea of where they stand their weaknesses and further allows them to improve and perform better.
These happen to be quite the simplest methods that help on excel competitive exams. ITO wishes all the students the very best and looks forward t their participation, hoping that these point gave your much hope and encouragement to part take in the examination.


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