Online Olympiad – Registration for Exams and Schedules

Online Olympiad Registration for Exam and Schedule

Online resources prove to be of great help when one is unable to be physically present at an event, the data remains accessible to them flexibly at the time of their need. The situation that the world is currently facing has called for a great change in the existing system of education compelling all to adapt to the virtual media for communication as well as distribution of resources. Olympiads are specific individual exams held for a variety of subjects depending upon student’s interests, that they can enrol in.


India Talent Olympiad has been organizing Olympiads for over eight years now and to date millions of students and 33,175+ schools have worked with the organization for the successful conduction of the event. The Indian Talent Olympiad believes that proper guidance and encouragement are the key to a child’s development and growth, they need challenges to boost their morale and truly believe in their skills to improve and learn in the process of things. The will and curiosity further add to the drive to excel, making the process much better and easier.


Olympiads are much sought after these days, these exams serve to provide guidance as well as a common platform for students to showcase their skills, furthermore, the budding individuals are rewarded for their efforts, earn appreciation, and acknowledgement for their work besides receiving better insight and proper feedback on supposed improvisations on their topic of work, for them to work towards. The students are ranked based on a variety of criteria, to keep up with fair judgement, and inculcate a healthy sense of competition in the bright young minds.


Indian Talent Olympiad strives to provide the generation of the young, with only the best of educational services. Believing in dedicated effort and effective learning, every year for the past eight-plus years, the organization has been awarding thousands of students based upon their meritorious performance in the test. Students enrolling for the exam are supplied with a variety of resources which are put together by a team of expert professional who have an understanding of the student’s classes, syllabus, knowledge and available resources. To further encourage and nurture the budding bright minds, the Indian Talent Olympiad organizes the Olympiads in eight subjects, to cater for a wide range of varying interests. A willing student can enrol in one or more exams, based upon their interest and will, at a very minimal exam fee of Rs. 150.


A few of the several benefits associated with Olympiads are as follows: 

- The Olympiads serve to boost the student’s morale, add to their confidence, encourage them to strive to improve and excel.

- The tests serve as a practice to help students familiarize themselves with the exam environment. It helps prepare the individuals for future competitive exams.

- The syllabus for all the subject tests align with the academic syllabus of academics benefitting a student’s understanding of the subject .

- Olympiads helps in improving regular academics as well.

- Olympiads inculcate habits of regular practice and revision, which too serve to aid the academics.

- The Olympiads require dedicated effort for proper  preparation, this adds to student’s mental ability, sharpening their skills of logical reasoning, practical approach and analysis.

- It also provides students exposure to such events and inculcates a healthy sense of competition.

- The results include a detailed feedback report which is provided to all students which helps them to understand and improve upon their weaknesses pertaining to the subject.

- The participating students are provided certificates that serve to acknowledge a student’s efforts adding to the impression of their overall academics.


The Olympiads are put together with an aim to bring out the best in a student and provide them with an edge above their peers. Willing candidates can register for the Olympiad exams since the Olympiad registrations are now open. Some associated facts that one might be interested in knowing regarding the registration for the Olympiads are as follows:

- The registrations for the exams start at a cost as low as Rs 150 for willing individuals to apply.

- Students can enrol via their school or register individually on the official website.

- The exams are conducted monthly as well as annually for a student to choose from either of the available options.

- The registration can be easily done at the official website of the Indian Talent Olympiad by adding the basic details.

- The process of registration is quite simple, if anyone requires aid, assistance can be made available too.

- The exams are held both offline as well as online media for schools.

- Individuals can appear for the exam from the comfort of their home via any digital device like a tablet, mobile etc.

- Registered students can avail themselves of free mock tests before the scheduled exam.

- The registrations for all the Olympiads are now open for all school students.


The last date of registration is as follows:


31st October 2023


31st October 2023


The eligibility for the exam is stated as follows:



 International Science Olympiad (ISO)

Students of class 1-10

 International Maths Olympiad (IMO)

Students of class 1-10

 English International Olympiad (EIO)

Students of class 1-10

 General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO)

Students of class 1-10

 International Computer Olympiad (ICO)

Students of class 1-10

 International Drawing Olympiad (IDO)

Students of class 1-10

 National Essay Olympiad (NESO)

Students of class 1-10

 National Social Studies Olympiad (NSSO)

Students of class 1-10


- All eligible students can register for the Olympiad irrespective of their educational boards.

- The papers are set in the MCQ format.

- Amongst the variety of available resources, mock tests, well structured and updated workbooks, previous year’s question papers are also included. These help the students to keep up with their performance.


India Talent Olympiad is grateful as well as of having the budding young individuals whose efforts make them shine. To acknowledge this hard work and to express its gratitude, a winner’s gallery is maintained on the website itself and a plethora of exciting rewards are also presented to meritorious. Ms P.T. Usha, the renowned Indian Olympic athlete, a Padmashree awardee, and the head of the Indian Talent Olympiad advisory committee has praised this effort and wishes all the students well. Visit the official website to see the expression of warm regard from this eminent personality. 

Warm regards and best of wishes from the team, as we look forward to rewarding and associating ourselves with more budding young minds. 


One can contact at : 1800 266 9192 , or Queries can also be mailed at:, for further support.